Contests (2012)

Winners of the poster contest!

Now has come the time you were all waiting for!

After much deliberation, we’ve selected the winners for our poster contest! So, without further delay, here are the results :

  • In the first place, we have Véronique Thibault, who deserves a free table space in the exhibition room
  • In second place, we have Rachel Berubé, who deserves a gift certificate of 10$ to be spent in the dealer’s room and a free admission for the weekend.
  • Finally, our two other contestants will also receive a little something. So, to Julie Renaudand Flavie Robitaille-Dion, we are giving a free admission for the weekend.

You can claim your prize at the front desk at the day of the event. You will need to show a proof of identity.

Congratulations to all participants, see you at Nadeshicon!

Like last year, one of the posters will be done by our graphist and the other will be the result of a contest.

The prize ?

Seeing your art on the walls of Québec, Montreal and wherever there is going to be publicity. The drawing won’t be used for other purposes, excepted with the consent of the designer.

The rules ?

  • Be over 18 years old, or have a permission from a legal guardian.
  • No limit in the number of submissions.
  • Must be suitable for everyone. Nadeshicon is an event for everyone, including children.
  • Our mascot is red-haired.

The theme ?

Music in a traditional Japan with a modern twist. A pretty geisha with a Vocaloid helmet or a J-Pop star playing the shamisen, why not! Let your imagination run wild in a world where traditions and popular culture coexists!