Schedule of festival Nadeshicon 2014 and the end of pre-orders

The schedule for Festival Nadeshicon 2014 is finally ready to be revealed! Please take note that certain main events have been modified, including those of our Japanese guest of honor, MOON Kana’s Q&A among other guest panels.

Nadeshicon 2014 schedule (PDF)

You have until tonight 11:59 PM to reserve your badge online. Afterwards, it will only be possible to get it at the festival’s welcome desk.

Only 3 days remain before Festival Nadeshicon 2014!!!

Volunteers needed!

Festival Nadeshicon is looking for volunteers to assist us with our event. If there are people interested to assist our guests, cook items at our Nadeshicon Idol, welcome attendees and others at our welcome desk, hold the coat check, get involved in the costume contest (Masquerade) or many other positions, be sure to follow the link below for further instructions.

Get involved!

After six hours of volunteering, your badge is reimbursed, you get a free t-shirt inspired from our main poster and a snack to thank you for your help.

It will be a pleasure to see you among us be it an attendee, a collaborator, a volunteer, a merchant, an artist, an exhibitor or a guest!

Nadeshicon Idol rules at Festival Nadeshicon 2014

Your voice resonates well with the crowd.
You know how to move with the rhythm of music.
You can sing in Japanese.

If all the above represents who you are, you are the perfect candidate for the first edition of Nadeshicon Idol!

Here is an example of what we are looking for, taken from Anime North Idol 2013 (newcomers and experienced entries welcome).

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Festival Nadeshicon 2014 : Rules for the masquerade

Are you talented in recreating costumes worn by characters from Japanese animation series or video games?

Here are a few examples of “Cosplay” (A play of words of “Costume” and “Play”) :

You can watch the masquerade held at Festival Nadeshicon 2013.

Would you like to share your talent on stage?

Do you want to participate in the masquerade held by Festival Nadeshicon 2014?

Here are a few rules to follow if you want to enter this grand event :
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Gaming room “mini-Warpzone” and “meet” room

We invite you to discover the schedule of our gaming room the “mini-Warpzone” sponsored by La Planque Jeux Vidéo and the events Le Warpzone. The schedule is attached further below.

Many groups have shown an interest to gather during Festival Nadeshicon 2014. We have decided to acknowledge them by inaugurating a schedule for these people to get together and share their interests, be it about Touhou, Lolita, certain anime series, etc. Be sure to check the images below for their schedule!

Facebook link to our sponsors:



Revealing of the official poster of Festival Nadeshicon 2014!

It’s now time to reveal the official poster of Festival Nadeshicon 2014! The event will be April 4th to 6th, so in 40 days!! Will you be ready for its arrival?

Thank you Véronique Thibault for the poster.
Thank you Studio Tiki for the silver sponsorship!


Special prices for a hotel room during the festival!

Notice for all attendees coming from outside the city of Quebec looking for a place to stay!

We have wonderful news for everyone looking for a place to stay during Festival Nadeshicon 2014!

You must enter a group code for the following hotels while phoning in a reservation or fill in a group code online to take advantage of these rebates. The group code is #3147440.

For $109.00 + taxes, you can take a room at the Plaza Hotel (4 stars) with a capacity of one to four people per room at the same price. This means that the price doesn’t change, whether you are one or four people in a room. Four people in a room comes down to $27.25 each plus taxes per night. Complimentary benefits include free Internet.

Hotel Plaza
3031, Boul. Laurier, Quebec, Quebec, G1V 2M2
1-800-567-JARO (toll free) or 418-658-2727

For $99.00 + taxes per night, you can take a room at the Lindbergh Hotel (3 stars) with a capacity of up to two people. Having a second person requires to pay an extra $10.00. Complimentary benefits include a free continental breakfast buffet and free Internet.

Hotel Lindbergh
2825, Boul. Laurier, Quebec, Quebec, G1V 2L9
1-800-567-JARO (toll free) or 418-653-4975

Hurry, as the amount of rooms are very limited. First come, first served! On your marks, get ready, reserve!!!

MOON Kana – Guest of honour at Festival Nadeshicon 2014!


This is the hour of the great unveiling of our guest of honour at Festival Nadeshicon 2014!

In the spotlight for this fourth edition of Festival Nadeshicon, MOON Kana, directly from Japan, will be landing for the first time in the Canada here in Quebec City!!!

MOON Kana is a unique musician: she composes, mixes and performs her own songs always straight out of her magical and wonderful world. Many people will appreciate her work from the first listen; for others, more perseverance might be required to appreciate her at her fair value.

Its uniqueness is also reflected in her style of clothing very “Gothic Lolita” inspired. She also creates her own clothes and sells her creations worldwide.

We hope that you come and see her at Nadeshicon 2014 from April 4th to 6th!

MOON Kana website

MOON Kana - Canadae