Doll Dammaj Cosplay at Nadeshicon!

Made up of DaMaaj Cosplay and Kaoru Doll Cosplay, Doll Damaaj Cosplay has been a highlight of masquerades all over since 2015. Experiments and challenges being their daily bread, they take on every new project from a different angle, either it be a new technique, a new material, a new style of choreography, or, more often than not, all of the above.
Talented yet down to earth, they enjoy sharing tips and tricks with fellow cosplayers, and discussing just about anything, so don’t be shy and go up to them!
You may find their bio in the Guests section.

Policy on weapon replicas during the event!

As per usual, certain restrictions apply to what kind of accessory or weapon prop you can bring to the Université Laval campus, and therefore the festival. Without further ado, here is what is forbidden:
  • Any firearm, replica of a firearm, or anything resembling a firearm;
  • Any object that can shoot projectiles, including but not limited to guns, bows, bolas, slingshots, water guns and nerf guns;
  • Weapons made of metal, even if they do not cut, and even if they’re packaged, hidden, or sheathed (weapons made of wood or other soft materials are accepted unless otherwise forbidden by other rules);
  • Taser guns, brass knuckles, truncheons, nunchakus, pepper spray or any other object forbidden by law;
  • Excessively large, long or heavy accessories may be confiscated, if considered dangerous by the security;
  • Any other object considered dangerous by the security.
Of course, actual weapons are also prohibited. Thank you very much for your understanding!

Phil Mizuno to guest at Nadeshicon!

Notorious Ontarian cosplayer, Phil Mizuno is a pillar of cosplay internationally. Through his incredible talent and irresistible charisma, he not only seeks to share his love for the craft, but also a little positivity throughout the world. Touching upon countless franchises and medias, his cosplays will stun you with their quality and fidelity and, who knows, maybe they’ll inspire you to give cosplay a go as well!
You may find Phil’s biography in the Guests section.

Droo back at the head of the photography booth!

Armed with his trusty camera, Droo will once again be at Nadeshicon to uphold his mission of immortalizing your amazing cosplays! One of, if not the most well-known cosplay photographer in the Eastern provinces, he exudes a highly contagious enthousiasm which, far for taking away from his professionalism, only helps bring your cosplays to life even more.
You may find Droo’s bio in the Guests section.

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais at Nadeshicon!

Cosplayer, designer and glamour model, Marie-Claude Bourbonnais is one of the most notorious figures of cosplay across the globe. Owner of her very own workshop, she has mastered the use of several types of materials, allowing her to reach new heights in the art of crafting not only costumes, but also props, sets, and even shoes.
Invited to events across numerous continents for her crafting and performance skills, she will be making a stop in a festival much closer to home this time. Come see and cheer on one local cosplayer who were are all proud of!
You may find Marie-Claude’s biography in the Guests section.

Sébastien Mineau taking on the role of Master of Ceremonies!

Since the first masquerade at Otakuthon in 2006, Sébastien has been lending his voice and energy to events across the province as master of ceremonies, following the teachings of the great Gordon Rose. Costumer himself, he holds the world of cosplay dear, and thus enjoys presenting the incredible creations of others just as much as his own.
Back at Nadeshicon this year, he will make sure to give one unforgettable show!
You may find Sébastien’s bio in the Guests section.

Nienna Surion will be back at Nadeshicon!

Nienna Surion, Canadian representative and finalist at World Cosplay Summit 2016, will be back again this year to talk about the experience of this grand competition in Japan!
Self-taught and headstrong, Nienna Surion has been polishing her cosplay crafting skills since 2009. Rather than following tutorials, she would spend hours trying to find solutions to her problems, which would allow her to acquire invaluable skills and knowledge through her labor. Her ways evidently paid off when, in 2015, she was selected alongside Darkarnival Butler to represent Canada at the 2016 World Cosplay Summit.
Rich of her experience, she will be back at Nadeshicon this year to share her experience to other cosplayers who look up to the World Cosplay Summit. However, in the meantime, you can still learn about her in the Guest section.
Speaking of cosplay, tomorrow, March 9th, the movie Miss Hokusai will be presented as part of the Festival de cinéma en famille de Québec. To commemorate it, attendees wearing cosplays will be gifted a little something! You may find more information, like the location and time of the screening, on their Facebook event page.

Rules and registration to the masquerade, and template for your cosplay lineups!

The rules for the masquerade are now available on our website, although only in French. If you can, give them a read to make sure everything is in order for the big day!
Registrations will be held in two parts: 20 entries will be taken on Friday, while the remaining ones will be taken on Saturday. Here are the times at which registrations for each day will begin:
  • Friday starting at 6pm
  • Saturday starting at 10am
Each registration period will thus end when the cap for that day will have been hit. Get there early!
Lastly, we have prepared templates for you to share the cosplays you will be wearing during the weekend with us and the other attendees! You can do so on our official Facebook group, if you so wish.
Best of luck crafting your cosplays!

Carcinogenic Chocolate as guests at Nadeshicon!

The cosplayer duo Carcinogenic Chocolate, created by KitKatSpazz and YunaDaKilla, will be at Nadeshicon to share with you their vast experience! Harboring quite the broad skillset, the duo has dwelved into the craft of armors, accessories, and elegant outfits for men and women alike, so you may very well learn invaluable tricks and skills!
You may find their bio in the Guests section.

Droo at Nadeshicon!

Notorious cosplay photographer, Droo no longer needs any introduction when it comes to the canadian cosplay community. Passionate, talented and just outright fun to hang around, Droo is no stranger to conventions in Canada and beyond and will be back at this year’s Nadeshicon, alongside his “funtography suite”! Stop by and enjoy one of the greatest photoshoots of your life!
As always, you can find more info in the Guests section.