Komachi Montreal to brighten up the weekend!

We know conventions can be exhausting, so why not fill those batteries back up with some Japanese folk dance! The troupe will be performing dances from across all of Japan, and even teach you some so that you too can join in on the fun! It’s time to spread some joy!

Head over to the Guests section to find Komachi Montreal’s bio.

Arashi Daiko is coming back to Nadeshicon!

Following their roaring success in 2015, the taiko group is back once again to deliver yet another thunderous performance! Once used both in times of war and worship, the taiko has long been rooted in Japanese culture, its story running as deep as its sound soars high. Experience this powerful storm for yourself, and even take part in it!
You may find Arashi Daiko’s bio in the Guests section.

Ryunosuke Yamazumi back with a whole new show!

Multidisciplinary circus artist from Japan, Ryunosuke is a master at captivating his audience with his overflowing charisma and seemingly-impossible tricks. A fan-favorite every year, he will be performing one of his shows in Salle Hydro-Québec for the best, most colourful experience possible. Let yourself be carried away by the movement!
You may read Ryunosuke’s bio on our website:

Martin Savard to perform Rakugo at Nadeshicon!

In love with Japanese culture for many years now, Martin Savard set out on the mission to adapt Rakugo to the French language. Performance art in which the storyteller, alone and sitting on their knees, only has their upper body, a paper fan, a small cloth and, most importantly, their voice to carry the story, Rakugo has been part of Japanese culture for well over a thousand years. Adapting such a polished discipline is not something you want to miss!
And yet, as if setting out on such an endeavour was not enough, Martin will also be hosting a workshop on shōgi, this intriguing Japanese version of chess. Come discover these lesser known, yet no less fascinating, facets of Japanese culture!
You may find more info on Martin Savard in the Guests section.

Komachi Montreal back for this year’s Nadeshicon!

Japanese folk dance group based in the Quebec metropolis, Komachi Montreal is a staple in Japanese culture events since it was established in 2007. Well-known for its fun dances, the troupe’s primary goal is to make everyone have a great time.
Serving as quite the accurate representation of their cultural engagement, the music video they shot on Koi Suru Fortune Cookie, by AKB48, not only features themselves, but also people from countless events and cultural groups across the province. Speaking of which, you may notice your favorite Japanese culture festival based in Quebec City in there!
You may find more about Komachi Montreal in the Guests page.

Groupe Bonsaï Québec at Nadeshicon!

Regrouping fans of this very unique art, Groupe Bonsaï Québec strives to spread the love for the bonsai tree. Through various techniques that go far beyond simple sculpture, these artists are able to shape these small trees into objects of beauty. In order to fulfill their mission, they will offer a lesson to introduce you to this pearl of Japanese culture.
You may find more information in the Guests page.

Martial arts exhibitions!

Well-known yet still somewhat obscure aspect of Japanese culture, martial arts feature a delicate balance of physical, mental, and cultural mastery. Breathtakingly beautiful to witness and enlightening to dive into, they will be represented by various clubs from Quebec City and around during our event, through exhibitions and conferences. Here are the the groups that will be represented:
  • École de Shinkendo de Québec
  • Budo Québec
  • Club D’Aikido de la Capitale
  • École Fudo-Shin Québec
  • Club de Iaido de Beauport
You may find the links to their respective websites and Facebook pages by visiting the Guests page, as well as brief descriptions of two of the schools that will be there.

Ryunosuke Yamazumi back for a new breathtaking performance!

Circus artist born in Japan, Ryunosuke Yamazumi is well-known for his outstanding shows. A classic at our festival, he will be offering a new performance featuring the Chinese pole, combined to his notorious juggling tricks. Whether it will be your first time seeing him perform or not, you really won’t want to miss him!
You may find more information on Ryunosuke Yamazumi in the Guests section!

Drawing contest for our promotional poster, and date at which reservations for the Dealers’ Room will open!

Following last year’s success, we decided to reiterate the drawing contest for our promotional poster for Nadeshicon 2017! The requirements remain fairly the same, with the exception of this edition’s theme. Thus, your drawing will need the following :

  • To star our two mascots, Nadeshiko and Saito.
  • To have one of the two characters wear a traditional japanese outfit, with the other wearing something more modern.
  • To follow the theme of luck, due to the fact that the year will end in 7.
  • To be suitable for a general audience.
  • To represent japanese culture well, since it is the main focus of our convention!

Of course, when talking about a contest, one has to mention the rewards. Unlike last year however, two winners will be selected, instead of one, although only the grand winner’s art will be used. As such, the second place winner will receive :

  • One (1) table in our Dealers’ Room, or $50, to their discretion.

The first place winner will be granted :

  • $50.
  • Two (2) tables in our Dealers’ Room, each tradeable for $50 instead, to their discretion.

The art of the grand winner will be used for promotional purposes, such as the poster and t-shirts, for which no additional royalties will be awarded. However, as per its uses, it is a great opportunity for visibility, so don’t forget to sign your art! So it can be used for thoses purposes, we also require the grand winner to submit us a high-res, colored version, a PDF version, as well as a vectorial, black/white lineart version for the t-shirts, if possible. Since the poster will be in 11×17 format, please make sure the resolution of your drawing is in an adequate resolution.

You may find some of our previous posters and promotional pictures here, which may serve as both references and inspiration.

You have until December 1st 2016 to submit your art at contact@nadeshicon.ca

Also, in other news, reservations for the Dealers’ Room for Nadeshicon 2017 will open on November 1st for merchants and artists alike, at which date the forms will be uploaded to our website. Don’t miss it, because those tables will be gone pretty quickly!

Best of luck to everyone!

Ryoko Itabashi, musicienne traditionnelle japonaise, sera à Nadeshicon!

Il nous fait plaisir d’annoncer la présence de Ryoko Itabashi à Nadeshicon 2016, où elle fera quelques spectacles!

DSC_4993_edited-1 high resolutionRyoko Itabashi est née au Japon et a été en contact avec la musique depuis l’enfance. Très jeune, elle commence le piano et le violon, mais découvre sa voie dans les instruments traditionnels japonais. Le premier d’entre eux fût la batterie japonaise, ou «Taiko», qui se joue en ensemble dans un style vigoureux et dynamique qui requiert une grande force physique. Peu de temps après ses débuts au Taiko, elle commence à jouer de la flûte de bambou, qui accompagne souvent le Taiko. Par la suite, Ryoko débute l’apprentissage du Tsugaru Shamisen en 2001 sous la tutelle de feu Rinshoji Kida, un Shamiseniste de grand renom. Depuis qu’elle a déménagé au Canada en 2009, Ryoko a joué de tous les instruments traditionnels dans différents endroits à travers le Canada. Le but de Ryoko est de continuer à remplir son grand rêve de partager la musique japonaise, ainsi que sa culture, avec le monde.

Plusieurs autres invités seront annoncés sous peu! Rester à l’affût!