Winner of the giveaway!

The giveaway now over, one of you was chosen randomly to enjoy a free box of japanese snacks and candies from Japanese Freedom Market: and it was Marjorie Parent who snatched it away! Congratulations!
For those who were a bit less lucky, fret not! On top of the giveaway, Freedom Japanese Market is offering a $3 discount off your first box, using the code (HELLO2017). Also, if you mention Nadeshicon in the “Where did you hear about us?” section, they will include a bonus snack in all future subscription boxes! Head over to their website and feed that sweet tooth!
As a final bit of news, those of you who will be enjoying the Orchestre de Jeux Vidéo show tonight at Palais Montcalm may notice a table harboring our mascots and logo. Drop by and say hi, we love talking to you guys!

L’Orchestre portable de jeux vidéo is back again for Nadeshicon 2017!

The famous ensemble will once again be performing in salle Hydro-Québec come spring. Reaching out to the hearts of retro and modern gamers alike, the orchestra is a must-hear every year!
Also, if you just cannot wait until our event to assist to their performance, L’Orchestre de jeux vidéo will be playing at Québec City’s Palais Montcalm on March 4th. You may find more information regarding that on their event page.
You may also find more about the Orchestre in the Guests section.

L’Orchestre portable de jeux vidéo will be playing at Nadeshicon!

L’Orchestre portable, also known as OPJV, is already quite notorious. By covering themes and soundtracks from the games you played as a child as well as arranging music from recent games, the orchestra is an unique experience that is sure to bring out the kid in you while also pleasing your ears with its classical instruments. Conducted by Sébastien Wall-Lacelle, the ensemble is a must-see for any video games or instrumental music fan.

You can find OJV’s website here.

If you would like to, you can also find OPJV’s bio in the Guests section!

Also, don’t forget that, if you want to reserve your bracelet to attend OPJV’s show at Nadeshicon, you can do so by pre-registering your badge for the festival


Happy Holidays and Orchestre de Jeux Vidéo !

Happy Holidays to all from the Nadeshicon Festival!

To thank everyone during this time of giving and sharing, we have the honor to present you our guest, or rather a group of guests that will make you hear the most beautiful Japanese video games music that all will immediately recognize. Without further ado, here’s the unveiling of the presence of the “Orchestre de Jeux Vidéo” (Video Game Orchestra), in its portable version, during Nadeshicon Festival 2014!!!

Orchestre portable de jeux vidéo

More information in English will be available after the holidays.

“Orchestre de jeux vidéo” website (French)