The programme and the schedule are now available!

The wait is over! The PDF versions of the schedule and the programme are now available on our website! Plan out your weekend, write down those questions for our guests before they float away, take a trip down memory’s lane looking for anecdotes for certain panels, and get those thumbs up to shape for the gaming tournaments!

Unveiling of the programme, and a reminder of the policy on weapons!

Here it is! Fresh out of the oven, the programme is available in the Programme page! You may find, among other things, all the activities, guests, as well as a plan of the Dealers Room! Don’t forget that you will also get a physicial copy of it during the festival, alongside your badge. Please note that, in the event of a discrepancy of the times and locations of activities between the programme and the schedule, the latter prevails.

Also included in the programme are the rules, among which are the ones concerning weapons and weapon replicas. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the policy concerning them during the festival. As such, are forbidden the following:

  • Any firearm, replica of a firearm, or anything resembling a firearm;
  • Any object that can shoot projectiles, including but not limited to guns, bows, bolas, slingshots, water guns and nerf guns;
  • Weapons made of metal, even if they do not cut, and even if they’re packaged, hidden, or sheathed (weapons made of wood or other soft materials are accepted unless otherwise forbidden by other rules);
  • Taser guns, brass knuckles, truncheons, nunchakus, pepper spray or any other object forbidden by law;
  • Excessively large, long or heavy accessories may be confiscated, if considered dangerous by the security;
  • Any other object considered dangerous by the security.

The items described are forbidden on the whole campus, per the rules of Université Laval.