Staff (2013)

These are the people that organize Nadeshicon 2013 :

Executive council

Maude Cuerrier (

Maxime Girard (

Pier-Luc Fortin (

Communications’ Manager
Alexandra Jetté (

Mylène Boucher (

Staff members

Informatical Staff
Benoît-Pierre Guay (

Volunteers Staff
Catherine Pichette (

Panels Staff
Olivier Martin-Trépanier (

Marketing Staff
Maëlle Paradis

Fashion Show Staff
Manuella Coulombe

Security Staff
Pierre Courtemanche

Karaoke Staff
Marie-Ève Rigali and Philippe Belleau

Dealers room manager : Alexandra Jetté (
Designers :
Projections manager : François Vézina
Twitter manager : Maxime Girard
Facebook and Google+ manager : Alexandra Jetté

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you interested to be a volunteer or to apply to be a staff member!