Masquerade – Nadeshicon
March 27 and 28, 2021

Come admire the talent of the cosplayers competing in the masquerade.


Participants prepare themselves several months in advance to make realistic costumes drawn from animes, video games, or even their imagination. Participants must present the results of their work to a panel of experienced judges. They organize an original staging, because they are not only judged on the quality of their work of sewing and craftsmanship but also on their performance on stage.

Registration and rules of the masquerade

Microphones are not provided. The use of a pre-registered soundtrack is highly recommended.  We suggest you put all your sound files in MP3 format. To prevent any confusion, please insert only one audio track on your CD or flash drive and verify that it’s functioning properly before delivering it at the registration table. If possible, please indicate the title of your performance and the number of your track on the CD. It is also preferable to bring two copies of your CD (of different brands) in case there is a problem with one of the copies. Nadeshicon bears no responsibility for any loss or damage to the CD or flash drive provided; as such, if the music you want to use comes from a rare or otherwise dear CD, we recommend you find an alternative to providing the original.

The maximum duration for a performance is of one (1) minute for every group. There is no maximum number of participants per group, but there is a maximum of 10 persons authorized simultaneously on stage.

  1. No open flame, powder or flash paper is authorized on stage. If you want to use an electronic flash or another visual effect, you must mention it during your registration, so that the host can warn the audience. Laser pointers are strictly forbidden.
  2. No “difficult to wash” substance is authorized on stage. In case of doubt, ask for authorization from the masquerade’s direction during your registration. The stage must be in the same state after your exit as it was when you entered. If you must leave something on the stage, the object(s) must be easy to pick up for the technical team. Otherwise, you must provide your own ninja.
  3. No flagrant nudity. The masquerade is an event classified as « G » but not suitable for young children. A classification of General can contain some scenes of violence. These scenes however are few, modest or are presented without complacence. If nudity is present, love scenes remain rather discreet. Depending on the context, some expletives are also tolerated. (Régie du cinéma, Québec
  4. No real firearm, no realistic copy of a firearm and no projectile weapon is authorized. No cold weapon with a metal blade, whether it’s sharpened or not, is authorized. If your costume requires a bow, the string must be unhooked when you are not on stage. All your large accessories, or those resembling a weapon, presented at the masquerade must follow the rules of the festival concerning weapons and be approved by the ”Weapon Check” of Festival Nadeshicon. NO EXCEPTION.
  5. Every participant cannot register in more than one skit during the masquerade. However, any individual can present any number of costumes they want, but they can only wear once. The other costumes must be presented by other participants in the same group.
  6. The participants must be present in the participant’s room (Green Room) at the time of the masquerade.  Please consult the masquerade’s registration table for more information. If you are not present on time or if you are not ready to go on stage when your turn comes, you will be disqualified. Any exception is left to the discretion of the judges and the masquerade’s direction.
  7. The masquerade’s direction reserves the right to eliminate anyone from the competition if the participants are rude, indecent, present a risk for the audience and/or the other participants, or for any other reason they deem reasonable.
  8. The costumes that are tailor-made by a third party will be accepted if, AND ONLY IF, the designer has filled and signed the registration form. The designer doesn’t have to go up on stage, but their presence in the Green Room is mandatory. Costumes bought online are not accepted. Wigs, small accessories and jewelry are exempt of this rule.
  9. The judges’ decisions are final. If the judges consider that no costume from a division deserve a prize, they can refrain from awarding one. This also goes for the “Best in Show” and “Best in Division” prizes.


*Not to list all applicable conventions.

Thank you for your collaboration.

**Regulations based on those of G-Anime, Otakuthon and Anime North.

You can print the form in advance to complete it and bring it when registering at the convention.