March 24-26, 2023
Québec City Convention Centre

Come admire the talent of the cosplayers competing in the masquerade.


Participants prepare themselves several months in advance to make realistic costumes drawn from animes, video games, or even their imagination. Participants must present the results of their work to a panel of experienced judges. They organize an original staging, because they are not only judged on the quality of their work of sewing and craftsmanship but also on their performance on stage, which takes place on Saturday evening every year.

Registration and rules of the masquerade

There are two categories of participation:

  • Sketch (skit) – Short presentation that can be done solo or in a group. The time granted on stage is 45 seconds for groups of 1 to 3 people and 60 seconds for groups of 4 people or more. If the sketch exceeds the time limit, the lights and sound will be cut off, the participants will be escorted off stage and will be disqualified.
  • Parade (walk-on) – Presentation of a costume made by the participant. Participants will enter the stage, strike poses in order to show different angles of view of their costume and walk out of each other side of the stage. Background music is strongly recommended and must be provided, if applicable, by participants.


To participate

For the 2023 edition, you can register online or in person.

  • The online registration period will begin on Thursday, March 9 at 4:00 p.m. and will end on Thursday, March 23 at 11:59 p.m. or until all places are filled;
  • In-person registration will take place on Saturday, March 25 at 10 a.m. at the Green Room.

A limited number of entries will be accepted during the online registration period. By pre-registering online, you will have a guaranteed place at the masquerade and you will not have to queue on Friday to register.

IMPORTANT: To register online, you must have a valid ticket for the Nadeshicon Festival. By registering online, your place is guaranteed and you agree to participate in the masquerade. If you do not show up for the competition without first notifying us, we reserve the right to grant your place to another participant.

It is important to read the rules in their entirety before registering.

Registration via the online form is open, click here!



This year, you will be able to access the Green Room by appointment. You will receive a registration confirmation email with your appointment time. For those who register on Saturday, the time will be given to you on site. You must show up at the set time to have your costume judged, talk to the person in charge of the ceremony animation, the person at the sound console and the ninjas, and have your picture taken. You can then enjoy your day at your leisure.

If your online registration form is incomplete or empty, you will have 48 hours to correct it. If you do not meet this deadline, your request will be canceled and the place will be available again. Make sure you have completed your form before clicking on “Submit”.

Registered participants who do not show up for their appointment will be disqualified.

50 places are available; this number includes online registrations. Be sure to arrive early for on-site registration!

The gathering will take place one hour before the beginning of the masquerade. Please report to the Green Room (Room 2104AB) on time or you may be disqualified. Please note that you will only be able to leave the room after your stage presentation. We therefore recommend that you complete your activities before.



Only 50 places in TOTAL are available for the sketches or the parade. No EXCEPTIONS will be made, register early!

  1. Microphones are not provided. Only MP3 files on a USB key will be accepted. No audio tape on CD, cell phone, YouTube, Dropbox or other digital sharing platform will be accepted. The masquerade team will not provide a music library to participants. If you don’t provide a soundtrack, your performance will be silent. Please submit your audio file at the time of your appointment in the Green Room or alternatively, you can send your MP3 file to [email protected] once your registration is complete.
  2. The maximum number of participants per group is twelve (12). Groups with more participants than the allowed limit will not be accepted.
  3. Participation of minors (under 18): The registration form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. If you submit your application online, you must print your form at home, have it signed by a parent or legal guardian and bring it to your appointment in the Green Room.
  4. Open flames, liquids, powder, loose powder glitter, “flash” paper and laser pointers are prohibited on stage. If you wish to use an electronic flash or other visual effect, you must mention it on your registration form so that the person in charge of the animation can inform the members of the audience.
  5. No slippery or messy substances are allowed on stage. If in doubt, ask permission from a person in charge of the masquerade when you register. The scene must be in the same state after your passage as it was before. If you leave objects on the stage, these must be easy for the members of the technical team to pick up. Otherwise, you will need to provide your own ninja.
  6. No blatant nudity. The Masquerade is rated 13+ and can only be viewed by people 13+. However, people aged 12 and under will be able to attend the presentation if they are accompanied by an adult.
  7. Real firearms, realistic copies and projectile weapons are prohibited, as are edged weapons and metal blades, sharp or not. If your costume requires a bow, the bow must be taken down when you are not on stage. All weapons displayed at the masquerade must comply with the Nadeshicon Festival Weapons and Large Props Regulations (Rules – Nadeshicon Festival). No exception will be made.
  8. A participant is only entitled to one stage presence. He may, however, present other costumes that he or she has made, provided that these are worn by other participants. These participants may or may not be part of the same group.
  9. Participants must absolutely be present in the Green Room at the requested time. If you don’t show up on time or aren’t ready to go on stage on your turn, you will be disqualified. Any exceptions are at the discretion of the masquerade management.
  10. The masquerade is an amateur contest. Purchased or rented costumes are not eligible for prizes, nor are costumes designed for professional or theatrical purposes. However, these costumes can be presented on stage in the “out-of-competition” category. Please note that priority is given to costumes not purchased or designed by amateurs. Registrations in the “out-of-competition” category will therefore only be accepted if there are places available.
  11. Costumes made to measure by a third party will be accepted IF AND ONLY IF the person who designed the costume has completed and signed the entry form. The designer does not have to go on stage, but their presence in the Green Room is mandatory. Wigs, small accessories and jewelry are exempt from this rule.
  12. The management of the masquerade reserves the right to eliminate a participant from the competition if he/she lacks respect or decency, shows racism or sexism, presents a danger to the audience or others. participants, or exhibit any other inappropriate behavior. Threats or acts of violence towards staff, volunteers or festival-goers will not be tolerated and could lead to expulsion from the festival.
  13. Judges’ decisions are final. Prizes are awarded for craftsmanship, presentation or a combination of both. If the judges consider that no costume from a division deserves a prize, they can refrain from awarding one. The same goes for the “Best in Show” award and the “Best in Division” prizes.


Standard division system

In accordance with the International Costumers’ Guild Guidelines, the following standard division system will be used.

Junior Division (also known as “Young Fan”)

Any participant under the age of 13 at the time of the convention.

  • Self-made costume – The costume was mostly or entirely made by the Entrant.
  • Costume made by an adult – The costume was made mostly or entirely by an adult.

Novice division

Any participant who has not won a prize other than in the Junior division.

Journeyman Division

Any entrant who has won less than three (3) Masquerade Prizes at the time of entry into this Division.

Artisan division

Any participant who has won three (3) or more prizes at masquerades or any participant wishing to enter this category and who does not belong to a higher category.

Master Division

Any entrant who has won more than three (3) prizes at Masquerades in the Artisan Division or any entrant who has won a prize in the Master category at a Nationally Recognized Masquerade. Also, any participant recognized as being a professional in the field of costume must register in this division. In the context of this competition, a professional is defined as a person who earns at least half of his income in activities related to the costume industry.

Out-of-competition Division

The masquerade is an amateur contest. Purchased or rented costumes may not be entered into prize divisions, but may be presented on stage in the “out-of-competition” division. Costumes created for professional purposes are not eligible for awards, but may also be presented in this division. In addition, anyone who would like to register in this division can do so.

Note: Any participant may decide to register in a higher division than the one to which he or she belongs. However, if he or she wins in that division, he or she will now have to show up in that division at future masquerades.



It is strongly recommended that you provide the judges with images of your costume presented at the masquerade if you believe the judges do not know the source. This documentation includes any image on which your costume is depicted. It is not necessary to provide the original images; copies are sufficient.