Flea Market – Nadeshicon
April 3 to 5, 2020
Québec City Convention Centre

The flea market is a perfect place to make a bit of money with the mangas gathering dust on your shelves or the games you’ve already finished. And you will be able to find others at the same place at low prices!

The flea market is a subsection of the Merch Room where you will be able to deposit your geek items for sale with our staff. 20% of the total amount of your sales will be given to Nadeshicon for the funding of the next iteration of the festival.

In order to accelerate the process, we recommend that you sign up by e-mail by following the instructions at the end of this page to register your items before the event. This will have the advantage of giving you access to a fast line to drop off your items at the flea market, in which our staff will only need to confirm the presence of each of your items and label them with stickers prepared in advance, which will leave you more time to enjoy the convention.

Please note the following regulations:

  • If you are not signed up on the website, you will be limited to 30 items (e.g. the 12 mangas series of Card Captor Sakura sold together under a single price count as a single item) to make the process more efficient for our staff and to put the items on display for sale faster.
  • Bladed weapons with real blades, airsofts, and all items which are refused by Nadeshicon are also refused by the flea market.
  • Original items cannot be sold at the flea market; an artist cannot put his creations on sale at the flea market, however, fan art or other original works can be sold if you are not the creator.
  • At all times, the staff reserves the right to refuse certain items.
  • Adult content items are not authorized.
  • If you arrive before the opening hours of the flea market on Friday and have already signed up and listed your items online, notify a member of security at the entrance to the Merch Room and a staff member will come escort you to proceed with the deposit of your items.
  • It is recommended that costumes be put in a see-through bag or on a hanger (for easier display).
  • It is unnecessary to label your items your self; if you wish to make the job easier for us, it is best to list your items (with prices) online. This will help up greatly, even if this done the night before the start of the convention.
  • A seller cannot retrieve their money or a part of their money during the
    convention without also retrieving their items, nor can they close their account and then bring the same items back for sale later under their own or someone else’s name.
  • We accept sign ups and deposits of items every day of the convention, during open hours, except for Sunday afternoon, which is rather reserved for item retrievals.
  • If you do not retrieve your items and/or money at the end of the convention and we are unable to reach you, the money will be given to the convention and the items discarded after 30 days.

You can register by sending an email to puces@nadeshicon.ca with a filled copy of the following Form. Please ensure you include your name and phone number in the response email.