March 24-26, 2023
Québec City Convention Centre


Guest announcement – Valérie Harvey

Driven by her love of Japan, Valérie Harvey is the author of several novels and stories inspired by Japanese culture. Eager to share her passion, she made short documentaries on Japan that she shared on her YouTube channel.
Her career as a sociologist has led her to collaborate on several programs, notably on Radio-Canada, where she talks about the whole world, and very often about Japan!

A multi-talented artist, she has also composed songs in Japanese and performed anime classics.
Come and meet her during her two panels at the festival!

To know more about Valérie, click here!

Guest announcement – Ice Qream

Get ready to dance and sing with the idol group Ice Qream!
Their mission: to share their passion for Japanese idols in North America.

Vicky, Millie, Lili, Nemi, Fani, Mai, Sam and Lara will amaze you with colorful costumes, catchy songs and energizing choreography!
Come and see them in concert, at their panel or at their meet-and-greet.

To know more about Ice Qream, click here!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 💕

In Japan, women are the ones who give chocolate to their loved ones and each chocolate is special in its own way. Here, Nadeshiko offers Saito “Giri Choco”, a chocolate that we reserve for our colleagues, family members and acquaintances.🍫

If you’re bringing home or cooking chocolate today, watch out for your fluffy and feathery friends! Indeed, chocolate ingested in considerable quantities could be fatal for your pets.😞 If ingested, it is best to keep them under observation for signs of food poisoning. 👀

🎨 : KunyueArt and ikeda