April 3 to 5, 2020
Québec City Convention Centre


Only two days until Cosplay de l’Imaginaire 2019!

Pillar of the geek community in Quebec City, Boutique Imaginaire has since the days of yore been a must for all your magical and fantastical needs. Angels, demons, superheroes, isekai protagonists⁠—this store has everything you may want to get your imagination flowing!
On this Saturday, a special event will be taking place, one during which the fabric between worlds will be dangerously thin. Whether you are willing to don the outfit and spirit of your favourite character becoming manifest in our world, or simply wish to attend what is undoubtedly going to be the most ambitious crossover in history, you are sure to have a great time!
Oh, and if you find a way to take your eyes off all the amazing cosplays, come see us at our table! We hear it, too, may have come from another world. Maybe. There is no real way to tell, is there?

Guests survey!

Have you always been curious about what happens backstage of your favourite anime shows? Have you recently fallen head first into a J-pop artist’s discography? Has a voice actor’s performance resonated with you so deeply you simply had to watch all the shows he was part of?
Now is the time to make your voice heard! We have put together a survey so that you can share with us the types of guests you look for in conventions. Your answers will directly influence the areas we will prioritize when it comes to inviting guests, so don’t miss out!
Do note that this survey does not affect in any way cosplay guests; those will always remain an essential part of our convention!

Calling all maids and butlers!

The Maid Café is coming very soon, and a Maid Café without maids doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. And that’s where you come in!
Have you always admired the century-old maid outfit, and all the history behind it? Do you enjoy dressing tidily, yet fashionably? Or maybe you’re simply looking for one more opportunity to wear your cosplays? Why not become a maid for one day?
Has the part about dressing both tidily and fashionably resonated particularly strongly? Are you more the quiet, serious type? Do you calculate every movement, each as precise and delicate as the next? How about applying to become a butler?
Send us an email at contact@nadeshicon.ca now to offer your services! Do note that this is volunteer work, and that you must bring your own outfit. We also recommend bringing a change of comfortable shoes, especially for maids.
Thank you to all the generous souls who have already offered their services, and to all who will!

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