Fan Guru, Our Official App

Nadeshicon is getting closer, and we are so excited to announce that we will have an Official App for this year’s festival!
Here’s a sneak peek at what you can look forward to on the FAN GURU app:


  • The full schedule with the ability to customize it to your liking!
  • The ability to create Meetups with other cosplayers
  • A complete Guests list
  • Real-time updates during the weekend and more valuable information!

Stay tuned for when the FAN GURU app will be live and ready for your use! Get a head start, and download it now!



The volunteers form is online.

If you give your time to help the Festival, we will refund part or all of your ticket depending on the number of hours given.

MYP students can also do their volunteer hours with us!

We need volunteers for the following areas: guest relations, guide and information, masquerade support, room supervision, merchants and artists hosts, security and stock keeper.

Complete the volunteer form to let us know your availability for the weekend.


Our mascots visit Quebec City and you do not want to miss that! Follow them on our Instagram account!

#NadeshiconTour is an original art project that features stunning cityscapes. Cosplayers, do not hesitate to note the good places for your next photo shoot!

Thanks again to Kunyue and ikeda, the artists who bring Nadeshiko and Saito to life in this project!

You are a photographer and you would like to see our mascots appear on your pictures of Quebec City? Send them to [email protected].

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Nadeshicon se lance dans une tournée de la belle Ville de Québec avec ses mascottes sous le nom #NadeshiconTour! Prenez plaisir à découvrir la ville avec Nadeshiko, Saito, Hoshi et Tsuki! Nadeshiko profite d’abord de la vue à la @ChuteMontmorency située à quelques minutes en voiture du centre-ville de Québec! – The Nadeshicon festival begins its 2D tour of the beautiful city of Quebec with its mascots through the hashtag #NadeshiconTour! Discover the city with Nadeshiko, Saito, Hoshi and Tsuki! Nadeshiko first enjoys the view at @ChuteMontmorency located only a few minutes from downtown Quebec City in car! Artistes : et @ikedatan . . . #VilleDeQuebec #Québec #QuebecCity #TourismeQuebec #QuebecEnPhotos #QuebecRegion #Nadeshicon #MontmorencyFalls #ChuteMontmorency #ChutesMontmorency #Nadeshiko #Anime #Manga #FestivalJaponais

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