Adapted from Otakuthon’s rules.

Important : If you don’t have the right to do something outside of the festival, you don’t have the right to do it inside!


All the attendees are expected to behave properly. The following behaviour is considered unacceptable without the prior authorisation of the person to who it is destined : hugs, glomps, claps on the back, kisses or all other undesired physical contacts. This also includes all unwanted advances and all other behaviour considered as sexual harassment. All violent behaviour is also prohibited during the festival.


All the attendees must wear their badge in a visible place at all-time. The people that lose their badge shall buy a new one, unless the badge is found, in which case it will be at the reception or at the cloakroom and you will be able to get it back with photo identification. It is advised to write your real name somewhere on the badge to facilitate the identification process. If you find a badge, please bring it to the reception or at the cloakroom.

Costumes, accessories and dress code

Cosplay is accepted and encouraged, but some restrictions apply :

  • It is obligatory to wear shoes. Don’t come to the festival barefoot.
  • Costumes considered indecent and too revealing. As well as all other costume or accessory judged offensive or inacceptable are forbidden.
  • Any large accessory or accessory looking like a weapon (including swords, whips, bows, spears, etc.) must be checked by the security of Nadeshicon to make sure that it’s safe.

Weapon’s policy

All large accessories or accessories looking like a weapon must be approved at the Weapon’s check before being admitted on the location of the festival. The Security member present at the reception will mark the weapons considered as regulatory. The following weapons and accessories are not allowed and will be confiscated : 

  • Any object than can fire projectiles, including guns, bows, poi, water pistols, slingshots and all Nerf’s articles. Bows with a loose bowstring or de-strung will be allowed. Water pistols (at all times empty) and Nerf’s articles (whitout projectiles) are allowed. Airsoft, tagball or paintball guns will be allowed provided any internal mechanism has been removed.
  • All-metal weapons. Accessories or weapons with some metal parts, but not curbs or spikes, will be accepted. Weapons with sharp tips or sharp edges, including shield edges, won’t be allowed.
  • Accessories made of glass, except if very small and strong like marbles. Lightsabers made of glass are not allowed.
  • Tasers, “brass knuckles”, truncheon, nunchakus, pepper spray and all other weapons considered as forbidden by the law.
  • Real weapons are not allowed.

Avoid excessively large, long or heavy accessories; they could be confiscated by the security at their own discretion. Any other object considered as dangerous or forbidden by the security will be confiscated. All weapons confiscated by the festival’s staff will be kept by a Security member and will be recoverable when you will leave the festival. If your weapon is confiscated, but that you are allowed to use it for the masquerade, the masquerade staff will have the responsibility to bring your weapon, to watch it before and after your stage presentation and to bring it back to a Security member. The signature of the Security leader and the identification of the weapon will be verified on the site.

Festival’s location

All the attendees must respect the rules of the Québec City Convention Centre.


Selling or soliciting goods or services on the location of the festival outside of the Dealer’s Room or without the prior permission of the festival’s staff and without having an arrangement in this regard is strictly prohibited.

The merchants are prohibited from selling copies of a copyrighted work without a license (bootlegs, fansubs, Hong Kong versions, etc.), including videotapes, DVDs, software, collectibles, clothes or printed works of art non-produced under the license of the initial holder of the copyright, or any other illegal copying. If it is not visibly genuine, do not bring it!

Only the original and personal works of artisans can be sold in the Artisans section. The sale of commercial products like videotapes, CDs, DVDs, posters, pencils, etc., is forbidden except if you, or the group that you are representing, are the owner of the copyright or the license at issue. It is also forbidden to publicise those products.

The use of additional bright or sound equipment is allowed in the dealer’s room as long as it doesn’t disturb the other participants. Any device producing a disruptive sound, including megaphones, sirens, strobe and horns are forbidden. Shouting, peddling or any other aggressive solicitation is also forbidden.

Sellers are responsible for the payment of the taxes and of the acquisition of any permit and any license applicable to their activities. Any object that is sexually explicit or violent and judged improper for people under 16 years old must be covered at all time.

Flea Market

If you are not signed up on the website, you will be limited to 30 items to make the process more efficient for our staff and to put the items on display for sale faster. Bladed weapons with real blades, airsofts, and all items which are refused by Nadeshicon are also refused by the flea market. Original items cannot be sold at the flea market; an artist cannot put his creations on sale at the flea market, however, fan art or other original works can be sold if you are not the creator. At all times, the staff reserves the right to refuse certain items. Adult content items are not authorized.
If you arrive before the opening hours of the flea market on Friday and have already signed up and listed your items online, notify a member of security at the entrance to the Merch Room and a staff member will come escort you to proceed with the deposit of your items. A seller cannot retrieve their money or a part of their money during the convention without also retrieving their items, nor can they close their account and then bring the same items back for sale later under their own or someone else’s name. We accept sign ups and deposits of items every day of the convention, during open hours, except for Sunday afternoon, which is rather reserved for item retrievals. If you do not retrieve your items and/or money at the end of the convention and we are unable to reach you, the money will be given to the convention and the items discarded after 30 days.

Photographing and recording video

Always ask for permission before photographing someone or recording him or her on video.

  • Ensure not to block the circulation.
  • Photographing and recording videos are allowed in the panel rooms, in the guest panels and in the dealer’s room, at the concerned hosts and artists discretion. In case of doubt, ASK PERMISSION TO THE CONCERNED PERSONS.
  • Photos with a flash will not be allowed during the masquerade and the fashion show for security reasons.
  • The utilization of a camera in the screening room is forbidden.
  • The festival reserves the right to forbid photographing and/or recording videos of any place or event. The staff members can check and/or ask to erase any unauthorized picture or video.
  • Only the staff members of the festival and the photographers designated by Nadeshicon have the authorization to use the photography stands of Nadeshicon.

Food and beverage

It is allowed to bring food or non-alcoholic drinks at the festival, but it is not allowed to eat or drink in the screening rooms, panel rooms and in the amphitheatres.

Everyone is also bound to take the necessary measures to keep the location of the festival clean and to throw all leftovers of food and drinks in a trash can when they are finished eating.

Bags and coats

Quebec City Convention Center will offer a paid check service for bags and coats for all attendees. Despite the fact that the cloakroom will be watched by staff members, the festival will not be liable in case of loss, theft or damage resulting therefrom.


Nadeshicon will not be liable in case of loss or damage caused by the festival or its staff members. Every attendee shall indemnify and release from any responsibilities Nadeshicon and its staff members against loss and damages suffered by an individual of which the attendee is responsible in any way.