Phil Mizuno to guest at Nadeshicon!

Notorious Ontarian cosplayer, Phil Mizuno is a pillar of cosplay internationally. Through his incredible talent and irresistible charisma, he not only seeks to share his love for the craft, but also a little positivity throughout the world. Touching upon countless franchises and medias, his cosplays will stun you with their quality and fidelity and, who knows, maybe they’ll inspire you to give cosplay a go as well!
You may find Phil’s biography in the Guests section.

Just a few hours until 2018!

And you know what that means! Winter anime season, all-new conventions, even more progress when it comes to crafting robots and making FullDive technology real… A bright future indeed!
All of those may be incredibly important, but don’t forget to take a moment to look after your health, spend time with your loved ones, and some with yourself as well. Love yourself, love each other, and take care. We’ll see you in April!

Merry Christmas!

Whether you will be visiting family, hanging out with friends or loved ones, getting fried chicken just like in Japan or trying to make good on this year’s resolution of not falling behind in the anime you’re watching (only a few days left!), we wish you a fantastic night filled with magic, love, laughter, and giant robots (hopefully not the evil ones)!

Pre-orders are now open!

From now until March 6th 2018, you may pre-order your badges for Festival Nadeshicon 2018! Whether you simply want to get your badge at a lower price than on-site or want to get one of our t-shirts featuring the lineart of this year’s amazing official poster, pre-orders are the perfect gift for that one person without whom your weekend just wouldn’t be the same! Or maybe that person who still won’t watch your favorite anime. Or that friend who has always been on the fence about going to conventions. Any reason is a good reason, really!
Head on over to the Pre-order page for details and to pre-order your badge.

Panel form now available!

For the longest time, you’ve had this nagging theory about how birds are represented in J.C. Staff productions, and you believe it’s finally time to share it with the world? Or maybe, ever since you found out about Kantai Collection, you’ve been researching everything there is to know about ships and sailing, and wish to discuss it with fellow passionates? Or, who knows, you might have found this alternative tarot that’s unique to Japan, and wish to teach it to new apprentices?
Why not become a panelist! Be it in the form of a panel or a workshop, panelists share and teach what drives them, what they truly love about Japan and its complex culture with fellows fans and others who wish to know more about it.
Sounds cool? Head on over to the Get Involved page to fill the online form!

Winners of the drawing contest!

Tears and blood were shed as we struggled to pick which of the amazing entries would be the official poster for Nadeshicon 2018. Okay, maybe not quite, but, as you can tell from the beauty of all submitted pictures, it was quite a difficult decision to make. Before we get to the results of that hard-fought battle, we would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts all the incredible artists who participated in this contest; your work breathes life into this world!
Alright, enough poetry, it’s time to announce the winners! In second place, with a stunning rendition of our mascot characters in a warm and welcoming setting, Khadija Boulazhar’s (also known as Nero) beautiful entry!
In first place, with the powerful representation of two worlds colliding and yet finding harmony, we have Ikeda’s dazzling illustration! This beautiful entry, which captures the very core of our convention, will become the official poster for this edition of the festival!
Congratulations to both the winners! It was a tough time only picking two, but we wouldn’t have it any other way; artists from here are just that talented!
Thank you yet again to everyone who entered the contest!

Tickets now on sale for A New World: Quebec City!

Whether you live in Quebec City or are just visiting for our festival, you may be very pleased to hear that A New World: intimate music from Final Fantasy is going to be performing at Palais Montcalm on the Saturday of the con! Only 20 minutes away via bus from the con, the concert may offer you a well-deserved break from the hype of the event, while also taking you to the magical and beautiful worlds of one of gaming’s most beloved franchises.
You may find the event page of the Quebec city show here.

Droo back at the head of the photography booth!

Armed with his trusty camera, Droo will once again be at Nadeshicon to uphold his mission of immortalizing your amazing cosplays! One of, if not the most well-known cosplay photographer in the Eastern provinces, he exudes a highly contagious enthousiasm which, far for taking away from his professionalism, only helps bring your cosplays to life even more.
You may find Droo’s bio in the Guests section.

Luduc at Nadeshicon!

Suit? Check. Bowtie? Check. Wig? Check. Irresistible smile? Where did I leave it again… Oh! Found it.
By far one of the most well-known faces in conventions across the province, Luduc is a reporter whose personality and sense of humour are sure to brighten up any day! With his very own blend of witty sketches and insightful interviews, he makes for a perfect fit for any event.
If you wish to know more about Luduc, you may find his bio in the Guests section.