Jeux A-Z Games in charge of the TCG and boardgames room, and launching of the second volume of Frivolesque!

In order to keep the relaxation theme going after the announcements for screenings and video games, we are very happy to announce that Jeux A-Z Games will be back again this year, but with boardgames on top of card games! So drop by the same room as last year, and enjoy the tabletop fun!
However, when it comes to relaxing, few things are as effective as reading. Our guest Etienne “Dez” Desilets-Trempe, the man behind the webcomic Frivolesque, has just recently published the second volume of his work and will be selling it at Nadeshicon! Don’t miss out!

Bar-restaurant LvlOp in charge of the Gaming Room!

Ever since and even before it opened its doors in St-Roch at the end of October last year, LvlOp has been on everyone’s lips. Taking the concept of a regular sports bar but with an electronic twist, the company innovated not only through their focus on video games, but also with their menu that features both a fastfood and a restaurant section. And yet they did not stop there.
A substantial difference between video games and sports is the physical space required to enjoy them. Seizing this opportunity offered by their concept as an e-sports bar, they created a section within their restaurant for customers to not only watch games, but play them. From the oldest to the newest generations, from the more laid-back single-player games to the fiercest multiplayer tournaments, they offer a way to escape from everyday life for a few moments. And that is exactly what they are bringing to our festival. Be it to relax for a little while or take on the toughest of opponents to reach the top, sit down, grab a controller, and, well, have fun!
Don’t hesitate to drop a like on their Facebook page, we swear they don’t bite! If anything, you should; into their food, that is!

Journées Ludiques de Québec will be at the Maid Café!

What better way to have fun and process all that food than boardgames? Journées Ludiques de Québec will be on site this Sunday to lend and animate boardgames! Take a breather and sit down with your closed ones for just a moment to enjoy one of the simplest (yet sometimes most complex!) forms of entertainment. So pick up pawns, dices, cards and boards, and have fun!

“Koi Suru Fortune Cookies”, Montreal edition with Komachi Montreal!

Maybe you remember us mentionning a very special activity that Komachi Montreal will be holding at our convention?

Well, fret no more, here are the details! The japanese folkloric dance group is inviting you to dance with them for the recording of a Montreal edition of “Koi Suru Fortune Cookies”, by the famous group AKB48! Put on your most beautiful costume and get ready to move to the music with us! Komachi will be teaching the dance on site, then will be recording your performance!

If you would like to get a headstart and start learning the dance right away, or if you simply want to listen to this great song on repeat until Nadeshicon arrives, you may find it here:

Don’t be shy! It’ll be fun!