The Maid Café is now open!

Hear ye, hear ye, fair ladies and gentle men! How about a delicious ramen? Our doors are opened now; it is time for some chow!
Once your belly is filled and happy, maybe you’ll stay and hear our story. An event is hard to run, what we need are volunteers. While, we know, it is not near, for all it can be fun. Our staff, most agreeable, you’ll find at a table; questions or registration, no need for caution!
Allow me this one last rhyme, for to enjoy food it is time!

Food and activities available during the Maid Café!

Two days left until the Maid Café! How about teasing your stomach a little by taking a peek at the menu we’ll offer you on Sunday?
Oh, what is this about onigiris, mochis and bubble teas? Why, are we glad you asked! You see, we invited our good friends over at the Fanamanga to come and prepare those amazing specialties of theirs, and they happily obliged! Make sure you don’t miss out on them!
Alright, enough talk about food for now, we wouldn’t want to make you too hungry too soon after all. Besides the oh-so-delicious food, the Maid Café is known for featuring ways to entertain yourself, and we are very happy to welcome Les Journées ludiques de Québec to the event once more to provide you with tabletop games and animation starting in the middle of the afternoon! After all, laughing is one healthy way to spend those sneaky calories between meals!
And, last but not least, for you brave, brave cosplayers who will be attending, Sephira Photographie will be back with her photobooth, so start practicing those poses! Be careful of stains during the event, though!
See you Sunday!

We need you!

Autumn has arrived, and with it the promise of upcoming cold weather. However, before the needs arise to cover yourself in warm clothes, how about putting on some fancy ones?
The Maid Café is drawing near, and we are still looking for maids and butlers to make this event the best possible for everyone! Want in? Send us an email at! You do need your own outfit, mind you 😉
Speaking of drawing near, the reservations for artist spaces in the Dealers Room are ending at the end of the month! Send in yours a.s.a.p.!

Maids and butlers still needed, and a few staff roles yet to fill!

The Maid Café is in just about one month, and, as such, we’re looking for more maids and butlers to brighten the day with their smiles! Looking for one more reason to dress fancy? Look no further! Send us your application at! Please note that you need your own outfit.

While we’re talking about recruiting people, we’re also looking for just a few more people to complete our team! Here are the different roles left to fill:
-Dance night

While we do not ask for Wonder Guard, Swift Swim or even perfect IVs, there are a few requirements and responsibilities associated with each one of them. You may find them, in French, here.

See you at Animara Con in 10 days!

Public meeting, and video shot at the Maid Café!

Thursday, March 2nd, starting at 6pm, the organization of Nadeshicon will be hosting a public meeting in room 3105 of Pavillon Desjardins-Pollack, on the Université Laval campus. Don’t be afraid to drop by if you have questions or comments, or even if you simply want to attend one of our meetings!
A few hours ago, Impact Campus, the news outlet managed by students of Université Laval, published the video they shot at last weekend’s Maid Café! Give it a watch!

Deadlines for the pre-registration and panel submissions!

Good monday everyone! We hope you had a great time at the Maid Café yesterday. Thank you so much for coming; it was awesome to see you! Of course, it wouldn’t have been as great if it weren’t for all the maids, butlers and volunteers who helped us, the Journées Ludiques with whom you played boardgames, Geneviève Lévesque who so graciously offered her services as photographer and took stunning shots of the amazing cosplays, and the Fanamanga who brought delicious onigiris and bubble teas. Thank you all for an incredible Maid Café!
With the Maid Café now over, the last stretch before Nadeshicon itself begins! As such, we will be closing online badge pre-orders on the 28th of this month. If you were thinking of pre-ordering it but were still holding off, you only have a few days left! You can do so, and find all the info relating to it, in the Pre-order page.
Another deadline coming up is the one for panel submissions, which will be on March 7th. You have a brilliant idea for a panel but haven’t submitted it yet? You can find the form and the instructions in the Get Involved page! Send them fast so we can start working on the event schedule!

Maid Café and volunteers

The Maid Café is tomorrow! During the event, our staff in charge of volunteers will be at your service to answer your questions concerning the roles and benefits of volunteers. Forms will also be available if you decide to lend us a hand!
If you are unable to attend tomorrow’s Maid Café, or if you already know you want to be a volunteer during Nadeshicon, you can also find the form in the Get Involved section!

Journées Ludiques de Québec will be at the Maid Café!

What better way to have fun and process all that food than boardgames? Journées Ludiques de Québec will be on site this Sunday to lend and animate boardgames! Take a breather and sit down with your closed ones for just a moment to enjoy one of the simplest (yet sometimes most complex!) forms of entertainment. So pick up pawns, dices, cards and boards, and have fun!

Menu for the Maid Café, and photographer on site!

It is finally time to reveal the menu for this year’s Maid Café, which will be held in 5 days! Take note, however, that warm meals may only be ordered using the maid and butler service, within the timeslots mentionned on the menu, in order to keep everything organized.
For those who will be wearing cosplays during the Maid Café, a photographer will be on site to do photoshoots in her booth. Since the event mostly revolves around food, be careful of stains and spills!
Until then, we wish you a great Valentine’s Day!