Extented period for panel submissions!

We have decided to extend the deadline for panel submissions to April 3rd!

If you would like to host a panel, please fill the appropriate form found in the Get Involved section of our website and send it to us at panels@nadeshicon.ca!

On that same page, you can also find the form to become a volunteer during the festival. Since volunteers are required for the festival to go smoothly, we would be very grateful if you would be willing to give us some of your time. Note that volunteers who work for atleast six hours will receive a refund of their badge amongst other benefits. If you would like to become a volunteer, please fill the form and send it to benevoles@nadeshicon.ca.

Last but not least, you may also find in the Get Involved section the form for Meets ideas. If you would like to submit a theme for a Meet, don’t hesitate to fill the form and send it to panels@nadeshicon.ca before April 1st!

We are still looking for theme ideas for Meets!

We wish to know what type of Meets you want to see at Nadeshicon! You are part of an Attack on Titan fan community? You are interested in Gothic Lolita fashion, but are not sure where to start exactly? Meets are the perfect place for you to discuss a passion you hold dear with people who care as much as you do about it, or to find more about a subject you’ve only recently started being interested in!

That’s why we need you! If you want us to plan a Meet on one of your passions, we need you to fill the appropriate form and send it to us at panels@nadeshicon.ca. You may find the form in the Get involved section!

As always, thank you for your continuous support!

Meets will be back at this year’s Nadeshicon!

Following their huge success during last year’s edition of the festival, we decided to bring back Meets this year as well! As their name implies, Meets are meetings based on a specific theme between fans of the specified theme as well as people interested in it. As such, Meets are designed for people attending them to share their passion, discuss it, and simply have a good time.

However, for Meets to happen, we need you to submit ideas and themes you would like to see a Meet of at Nadeshicon! To do so, head to the Get involved section where you will find the appropriate form. Be sure to read the instructions both on the website and in the form itself! Once you’ve filled the form, please send it to panels@nadeshicon.ca.

Also, if you’re part of a group, on Facebook or any other platform, based on a subject you’d like to see a Meet of a Nadeshicon, we’d suggest discussing it with the other members of the group before filling the form, as to only submit the form once.

Please note that we might not be able to accept all Meet submissions, depending on the volume of submissions, so we reserve the right to refuse some of them.

The deadline for submitting forms for Meets is April 1st.