Flea market back for another year!

Are the folks over at the apartment under yours growing tired of your poor manga library creaking in the dead of the night? Or maybe the narrow pathway between your figurine displays can only be narrowed down so much still? Or maybe, like a poet leaving a book on a park bench, you want to pass your favorite anime DVD on to a new owner so that they, too, can in turn fall in love with it?
The flea market is at your service! Come deposit the items you wish to sell during the festival, along with the price you wish to ask for them, and we will take care of it! Always filled to the brim with pearls of every kind, the market profits from constant traffic, making it ideal for you to sell your used geek and anime goods!
Do take note that we will be taking a 20% cut on sold items, so be sure to decide on a price with that in mind. You will also be able to fetch your unsold items back, free of charge.
If you intend on selling multiple items, you may fill this Excel document ahead of time and bring it with you along with your items to make it easier on our staff to add them to our inventory!

Doll Dammaj Cosplay at Nadeshicon!

Made up of DaMaaj Cosplay and Kaoru Doll Cosplay, Doll Damaaj Cosplay has been a highlight of masquerades all over since 2015. Experiments and challenges being their daily bread, they take on every new project from a different angle, either it be a new technique, a new material, a new style of choreography, or, more often than not, all of the above.
Talented yet down to earth, they enjoy sharing tips and tricks with fellow cosplayers, and discussing just about anything, so don’t be shy and go up to them!
You may find their bio in the Guests section.

Policy on weapon replicas during the event!

As per usual, certain restrictions apply to what kind of accessory or weapon prop you can bring to the Université Laval campus, and therefore the festival. Without further ado, here is what is forbidden:
  • Any firearm, replica of a firearm, or anything resembling a firearm;
  • Any object that can shoot projectiles, including but not limited to guns, bows, bolas, slingshots, water guns and nerf guns;
  • Weapons made of metal, even if they do not cut, and even if they’re packaged, hidden, or sheathed (weapons made of wood or other soft materials are accepted unless otherwise forbidden by other rules);
  • Taser guns, brass knuckles, truncheons, nunchakus, pepper spray or any other object forbidden by law;
  • Excessively large, long or heavy accessories may be confiscated, if considered dangerous by the security;
  • Any other object considered dangerous by the security.
Of course, actual weapons are also prohibited. Thank you very much for your understanding!

Guest of honour unveiled!

Director, voice director, voice actor, writer, and best friend a certain hero clad in green could ever ask for, James D. Mortellaro is a man of many, many talents especially known for his work in the video games industry. With titles such as Hitman, Horizon Zero Dawn, Final Fantasy and, more recently, 2017 Game of the Year winner The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild on his resume, James has a vast and deep understanding of what happens both in front and behind the microphone, on top of his experience in various different yet close disciplines, like copywriting, improv, and cinema.

Whether you’re interested in what goes into bringing a video game world to life, or you are curious about the ins and outs of voice work more specifically, or maybe simply just have fond memories of the titles he has worked on, don’t miss out on this chance to learn about all the passion that goes into this craft from one of the pillars of the industry.

Head over to the Guests section to read James’s bio.

Valérie Lévesque at Nadeshicon!

Whether we like it or not, cooking is a central part of all of our lives. To some, it may seem like a chore, a waste of time, or even an actual issue. Such vile representations of the culinary arts stop here!
Perfect mix of happiness, simplicity which may easily be mistaken for sorcery, and a touch of “kawaii”, Les Bentos de Valérie are an endless source of inspiration to make lunchtime one of the highlights of the day. Forget about culinary struggles; transform your kitchen into a canvas and create your next chef-d’oeuvre!
You may find Valérie’s website here (French).
To read Valérie’s bio, head over to the Guests section.

Online volunteers form!

Unwavering in our fight against printed forms, we’ve converted the volunteers form into an online one for the kind folks who lend us their time and energy to build a spirit bo- to ensure the event is the best it can be. With such benefits as having your badge reimbursed, a few hours of your time allows everyone to enjoy the festival to its fullest, so fill up that form, put on that smile, and spread that positivity!

Dez, the man behind Frivolesque, will be at Nadeshicon!

Creator of the popular webcomic Frivolesque, Etienne Desilets-Trempe gets his inspiration from both “4-koma” manga and daily life over here, resulting in a charming mix of cultures that anime fans here can deeply relate to and easily fall in love with.
You may read frivolesque on its official website.
You may find Dez’s bio in the Guests section.

Martin Savard to perform Rakugo at Nadeshicon!

In love with Japanese culture for many years now, Martin Savard set out on the mission to adapt Rakugo to the French language. Performance art in which the storyteller, alone and sitting on their knees, only has their upper body, a paper fan, a small cloth and, most importantly, their voice to carry the story, Rakugo has been part of Japanese culture for well over a thousand years. Adapting such a polished discipline is not something you want to miss!
And yet, as if setting out on such an endeavour was not enough, Martin will also be hosting a workshop on shōgi, this intriguing Japanese version of chess. Come discover these lesser known, yet no less fascinating, facets of Japanese culture!
You may find more info on Martin Savard in the Guests section.