Maids and butlers still needed, and a few staff roles yet to fill!

The Maid Café is in just about one month, and, as such, we’re looking for more maids and butlers to brighten the day with their smiles! Looking for one more reason to dress fancy? Look no further! Send us your application at! Please note that you need your own outfit.

While we’re talking about recruiting people, we’re also looking for just a few more people to complete our team! Here are the different roles left to fill:
-Dance night

While we do not ask for Wonder Guard, Swift Swim or even perfect IVs, there are a few requirements and responsibilities associated with each one of them. You may find them, in French, here.

See you at Animara Con in 10 days!

Appointment of directors, and roles yet to fill!

We are happy to welcome the directors of the 2018 edition to the team:
  • Technical and TI: Benoît-Pierre Guay
  • Volunteers: Alexandre Belzile
  • Masquerade: Kimberly Bouchard
  • Cosplay guests: Fabienne Marquis
  • Projections: François Vézina
  • Idol: Manuella Coulombe
  • Security team: Marc-André Lamothe, Patrick Beauchesne and Catherine LaRue-thebault
  • Video Games Room: Jean-Christophe Morin
  • Graphist: Kunyue
  • Dealers room: Charles Beauparlant
  • Flea market: Pierre Courtemanche
  • Karaoke: Marie-Ève rigali and Philippe Belleau
  • Fashion show: Ichabod Pride
  • Marketing and media: Marie-Pier Touzin
Welcome to the team, and looking forward to making Festival Nadeshicon 2018 an amazing event with you!
That being said, some spots have yet to be filled. To that end, we are extending the applications period to June 18 for the following positions:
  • Panels
  • Guests (excluding cosplay guests)
  • Dance night
  • Marketing and medias (more specifically relating to sponsors)
  • Photography
If one of these positions tickle your fancy, please send us your application at Bear in mind that these positions require autonomy, wits, initiative and a sense of responsibility. Some also require you to recruit one or multiple assistants, or a team in some cases. Unless otherwise specified, the mandate of directors extends until the post-mortem, which will take place a few weeks after Festival Nadeshicon 2018.
In your e-mail, in lieu of a C.V., we invite you to share with us your motivations and experiences related to the desired position.
Who knows, maybe you will the next one to join the team!

Partial staff nomination

We are happy to announce the names of the staff nomimated so far!

  • Security Head: Patrick Beauchesne and Marc-André Lamothe
  • Guest Relations Head: Maxime Girard
  • Panels Head: Michaël Betty
  • Dealers’ Room Head: Charles Beauparlant
  • IT Head: Benoit-Pierre Guay
  • Karaoke Head: Marie-Ève Rigali and Philippe Belleau
  • Graphic Designer and Illustrator: William Leung
  • Projections Head: François Vézina
  • Gaming Room Head: Jean-Christophe Langelier
  • Masquerade Head: Kimberly Bouchard
  • Dance Night Head: Steven Ouellet

Thank you for submitting your applications. We’re looking forward to working with all of you for the upcoming convention!

Also, please note that not all staff roles have been filled yet. We will keep you updated when new ones will be nominated.