March 24-26, 2023
Québec City Convention Centre


1st place – Two (2) artist tables or its value in cash ($270), as desired.

2nd place – One (1) artist table or its value in cash ($150), as desired.


Criteria for your art

  • This year’s theme is “Familiars”. A familiar is a creature that follows its master during his quest. Here’s some examples:
    • Kirara of Inuyasha;
    • Puck of Re:Zero;
    • All Pokemons;
    • Kerberos in Card Captor Sakura.
  • You must not plagiarize existing familiars. Costumes are accepted but must be adapted. This rule was added to avoid a Pikachu on the poster!
  • Our two mascots, Nadeshiko and Saito, must be represented.
  • The illustrations must be suitable for a general audience.
  • You must leave space to add event information and the logo. An overloaded illustration unfortunately can not win.
  • Optional: The duality between traditional and modern Japanese culture has always been a central theme of Nadeshicon. If you so wish, you may include elements of both in your work!
  • Optional: We invite you to include our two animal mascots, Tsuki the robot fox, and Hoshi, the Japanese buzzard, who accompany Nadeshiko and Saito in their daily lives!


Information and documents to provide with your application

  • Name
  • Email
  • Artist nickname (optional)
  • Online portfolio / Facebook page / deviantArt (optional)
  • High-resolution color version (11×17 poster with a minimum resolution of 300dpi)

If you win:

  • A colored PDF version
  • An 8 ½ x 11 colored version for the festival program
  • A black and white “oultine / lineart” vector version
  • A .psd, .ai or other colored file with background and characters on different layers  (optional, but highly recommended)

Although only the color version is required for your application, we encourage you to prepare in advance and, if possible, send us all these versions with your application to facilitate the process. The illustration must be of adequate resolution for 11×17 posters.



January 8, 2023 at 11:59 PM


Terms and agreements

By participating, you agree to the following conditions:

The illustration of the winner will be used for commercial and advertising purposes, for posters and t-shirts, and no additional fees will be paid following the use. On the other hand, it will allow you to benefit from an excellent visibility; do not forget to sign your artwork!

If you win, you will need to provide us with a high-resolution color version, a PDF version, and a white & black outline / lineart vector version for the t-shirt design.

We will post the applications on our social networks. They will include your name or artist nickname, as well as the link to your portfolio, Facebook, deviantArt or other. If you have one, please provide the link to allow us to properly credit you.

We will have to resize your design for advertising purposes. Ideally, a version with a different layer for the background of the image is desirable to facilitate format changes.

Send your application to [email protected]

Good luck to everyone!


Reference Images

Here are some reference pictures taken from the posters of the last years. You can also learn more about our four mascots to inspire you.