Association de Chado Urasenke Tankokai de Québec will be hosting the tea ceremony!

You know, sometimes a festival can be a bit hectic, so how about a quick break from it? Its roots deep within Japanese culture, tea has developped, over the centuries, its own customs and traditions. The tea ceremony, through which they take shape, will allow you to escape the craze of the con and live a peaceful and enlightening experience.
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Martial arts exhibitions!

Several martial art dojos, both new and old, will be performing exhibitions at Nadeshicon! Ranging from iaido to lightsabers, there will be something for everyone. Let yourself be inspired by their philosophies and discipline!
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Orchestre Portable de Jeux Vidéo is back at Nadeshicon!

While we’re on the topic of video game scores, allow yourself to be transported to these beloved virtual worlds with the portable branch of L’Orchestre de Jeux Vidéo. Once again filling the air of the Hydro-Quebec room with the sweet aroma of nostalgia, they will be bringing the songs from your favorite video games to full bloom with their orchestra!
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Stephanie “missharvey” Harvey at Nadeshicon!

Five-time world champion in competitive Counter-Strike and game designer, missharvey lives and breathes video games. Born in Beauport, she travels the world to compete in eSports tournaments against other professionals, and was just in Haikou, China, where she and her team won 3rd place. Coming back to her homeland, she will be at Nadeshicon on Sunday, April 8th, to meet you and share her experience in the pro-gaming world.
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Jean-François Bibeau to host activities at Nadeshicon!

Author and animator in conventions, Jean-François Bibeau is an adept at creating fun times. Featuring a mix of game mechanics and improv, his activities will be awaiting you at the festival, whether you wish to participate or simply be part of the audience! In the meantime, drop by his Facebook page to find the many web series he is working on.
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Benyamin Nuss to join Arnie Roth!

Fabulous pianist, Nuss has dedicated his life to music since he was but 6 and has, to this day, won several prizes and grants. On top of his own tours, his love for video games and their soundtrack led him to become a featured soloist for Symphonic Fantasies and Distant Worlds, both tribute concerts to Square Enix and Final Fantasy, respectively. Come meet him alongside Arnie Roth the day before their concert at Palais Montcalm, A New World: Quebec City!
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Marie-Claude Bourbonnais at Nadeshicon!

Renowned costumer who needs no introduction, Marie-Claude Bourbonnais is one of the most notable figures of cosplay in North America and beyond. Proud owner of her very own workshop, she has learned to work with many a material throughout the years, and has even tackled specialised crafts such as shoemaking. Still burning with the same passion after 19 years of making costumes, she will be dropping by Nadeshicon to meet you all and talk cosplay!
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Sébastien Mineau back again to breathe life into the event!

MC for 12 years, costumer for over 20, Sébastien Mineau hosts shows like no one else does. Kind and respectful, he knows the work that goes into creating cosplays first-hand, and is thus a perfect fit when it comes to being the voice of the masquerade. All are to have fun under his watch, be they under the spotlights or in the audience!
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