La Cuisine Ludique joins the battle!

Partner for the Gaming Room, La Cuisine Ludique will supply the gear you will be battling with, digitally of course, during the weekend, as well as sofas. Yes, sofas! As if the Gaming Room wasn’t going to feel cozy enough, they’re going to host some Werewolves of Millers Hollow games on Saturday night, so join us in unmasking those bloodthirsty beasts! Or maybe you’re in the mood for a little night snack…

Pokemon tournament and deadline for panel submissions!

We have two announcements today! First of all, the deadline for panel submissions is set to March 20th, after which we won’t be taking in any more submissions. If you would like to submit a panel, you can find the form and the instructions in our Get involved section!

Secondly, our Gaming Room director would like to invite you to the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby tournament that will be held during the convention. Here are the rules for the tournament: doubles, no legendaries. We hope you’re as excited as we are for it! We can’t wait to see your teams!

Gaming room “mini-Warpzone” and “meet” room

We invite you to discover the schedule of our gaming room the “mini-Warpzone” sponsored by La Planque Jeux Vidéo and the events Le Warpzone. The schedule is attached further below.

Many groups have shown an interest to gather during Festival Nadeshicon 2014. We have decided to acknowledge them by inaugurating a schedule for these people to get together and share their interests, be it about Touhou, Lolita, certain anime series, etc. Be sure to check the images below for their schedule!

Facebook link to our sponsors:



Happy Holidays and Orchestre de Jeux Vidéo !

Happy Holidays to all from the Nadeshicon Festival!

To thank everyone during this time of giving and sharing, we have the honor to present you our guest, or rather a group of guests that will make you hear the most beautiful Japanese video games music that all will immediately recognize. Without further ado, here’s the unveiling of the presence of the “Orchestre de Jeux Vidéo” (Video Game Orchestra), in its portable version, during Nadeshicon Festival 2014!!!

Orchestre portable de jeux vidéo

More information in English will be available after the holidays.

“Orchestre de jeux vidéo” website (French)