The form to become a volunteer is now available!

Essential to our festival, volunteers are what makes the weekend go smoothly. Since various tasks are offered, make sure you pick your favorite ones before sending us your form. Do note that, just like panel hosts, volunteers will be rewarded for their work, as mentionned in further details in the form, which you may find in the Get Involved section.
Once filled, you may send us your form at

The form for hosting panels is now available!

You wish to share tips and tricks when it comes to crafting cosplays? You are utterly in love with the sci-fi genre in 90s anime and would like to point out what makes them such masterpieces? Or maybe you wish to host a debate on the best anime couples in recent years?
By filling and submitting the form available on our website, you will be able to host conferences, commonly referred to as panels, during Nadeshicon next spring! You only need to submit one form per panel, even if you have friends helping you.
You may find the form in the Get Involved section.
Once filled, please send us the form at!

Valérie Lévesque will be at Nadeshicon!

Valérie Lévesque, founder of the Les Bentô de Valérie blog and the television series of the same name, will be at Nadeshicon!
You just can’t stomach sandwiches anymore? Valérie is here to rescue you! Find out how to make lunchtime one of the highlights of the day by discovering this underestimated part of Japanese culture: the Bentô. Goodbye boring bread, let’s all enjoy colorful lunches!
You may find more info about Valérie, her blog and her television series, in the Guests section.
The whole Nadeshicon team would also like to wish you a great holiday, and an amazing year 2017!

HOSHI★FURU back at Nadeshicon 2017!

They were there in 2012. They were there in 2013. Next spring, HOSHI★FURU will be back to shake the whole Pavillon Alphonse-Desjardins building!
Mixing influences from J-pop, J-rock, visual kei, hardcore punk and metal, the Ontarian band is once again back on the road to share their music across the continent after launching their latest EP, “HOSHI★FURU 2”, last month.
You may read more about HOSHI★FURU in the Guests section!

The date at which the 2017 Maid Café will be held has finally been revealed!

The annual event held in February in Université Laval will once again be back this year, this time on February 19th!
With Japanese dishes, maids and butlers, the event is a resounding success every time. Don’t miss it! Speaking of which, if you would like to volunteer as a maid or butler for the event, be sure to email us at The more the merrier!
You may follow the Facebook Event page if you wish.

Winners of the art contest!

At long last, here are the winners of the art contest for the official poster of Nadeshicon 2017!
As you can imagine from all the beautiful works that were submitted to us, deciding on only two winners was no easy feat. With that being said, we are very happy to present to you the winners of this year’s art contest!
In second place, Anna Cee!
And the grand prize winner, Bich Ngoc Lam!
We would like to thank every artist who participated from the bottom of our hearts, and who submitted such gorgeous works. We are very honored to have such passionate fans, and we might have been a bit moved, seeing Nadeshiko and Saito in all those outfits and situations.
Congratulations to the winners and, again, a big thank you to everyone who participated!

You may now pre-order your badges for Nadeshicon 2017!

Quite the useful tool, pre-ordering allows you to reserve your badge, t-shirts, and bracelets for the masquerade and the OPJV, as well as avoid the lines to buy your badge on-site. Do consider giving the gift of love for the Japanese culture by ordering multiple badges for your loved ones!
You may pre-order badges, as well as find all the information pertaining to it, in the Pre-order section.

L’Orchestre portable de jeux vidéo is back again for Nadeshicon 2017!

The famous ensemble will once again be performing in salle Hydro-Québec come spring. Reaching out to the hearts of retro and modern gamers alike, the orchestra is a must-hear every year!
Also, if you just cannot wait until our event to assist to their performance, L’Orchestre de jeux vidéo will be playing at Québec City’s Palais Montcalm on March 4th. You may find more information regarding that on their event page.
You may also find more about the Orchestre in the Guests section.

Public meeting, and deadline for the art contest!

A public meeting will be held on Thursday, November 24th, starting at 7:00pm in room 3105 of Pavillon Desjardins-Pollack, on the campus of Université Laval. Feel free to come if you have any questions!
Also, there are only 2 weeks left to the art contest for the official poster for Nadeshicon 2017! You may find all the info in this post, including the prizes available. We already have received some amazing drawings, but do wish to see even more! You have until December 1st to submit them!

Drawing contest still in progress!

You were unable to book an artist space in time, or simply want to see your art on display throughout Quebec City? Don’t give up yet! The drawing contest for the poster of the 2017 edition of our festival is still ongoing, and will be until December 1st! Prizes include artist tables in our Dealers Room, money, as well as the attention of several hundred people!
You may find all the details and requirements in our post from October 1st, linked right here!