Appointment of directors, and roles yet to fill!

We are happy to welcome the directors of the 2018 edition to the team:
  • Technical and TI: Benoît-Pierre Guay
  • Volunteers: Alexandre Belzile
  • Masquerade: Kimberly Bouchard
  • Cosplay guests: Fabienne Marquis
  • Projections: François Vézina
  • Idol: Manuella Coulombe
  • Security team: Marc-André Lamothe, Patrick Beauchesne and Catherine LaRue-thebault
  • Video Games Room: Jean-Christophe Morin
  • Graphist: Kunyue
  • Dealers room: Charles Beauparlant
  • Flea market: Pierre Courtemanche
  • Karaoke: Marie-Ève rigali and Philippe Belleau
  • Fashion show: Ichabod Pride
  • Marketing and media: Marie-Pier Touzin
Welcome to the team, and looking forward to making Festival Nadeshicon 2018 an amazing event with you!
That being said, some spots have yet to be filled. To that end, we are extending the applications period to June 18 for the following positions:
  • Panels
  • Guests (excluding cosplay guests)
  • Dance night
  • Marketing and medias (more specifically relating to sponsors)
  • Photography
If one of these positions tickle your fancy, please send us your application at Bear in mind that these positions require autonomy, wits, initiative and a sense of responsibility. Some also require you to recruit one or multiple assistants, or a team in some cases. Unless otherwise specified, the mandate of directors extends until the post-mortem, which will take place a few weeks after Festival Nadeshicon 2018.
In your e-mail, in lieu of a C.V., we invite you to share with us your motivations and experiences related to the desired position.
Who knows, maybe you will the next one to join the team!

Festival Nadeshicon 2018 will be held on April 6th to April 8th! Only 351 sleeps left!

Since calendars for the year 2018 are probably not on sale yet, we’d be hard pressed to tell you to mark those dates on it. “But then, how may we remember such distant dates”, you ask? Fear not, friends! We created an event just for you, so you only need to let Facebook (and us) do the reminding! You may find it right here.

Post-mortem of the 2017 edition!

Taking on the form of a exhaustive review of all the different aspects of the festival, the post-mortem meeting for the 2017 edition will be taking place on April 30th, starting at noon, in room 3105 of Pavillon Desjardins-Pollack on the Université Laval campus. If you would like to join us in giving us your comments and suggestions, we will be there for several hours, so you are welcome to do so!
Speaking of the 2017 edition, we received word concerning the final count of attendees! We were approximately 2300 in Pavillon Desjardins-Pollack during that weekend, discovering and spreading the love for Japanese culture and its various aspects! Thank you so very much!

Talent Competition hosted by Japan Festival Canada!

As part of the celebrities surrounding the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation, Japan Festival Canada is hosting a talent contest with, as its grand prize, a trip to Japan which includes a Japan Debut for the winner, and the opportunity to perform at various Canada-Japan events! Head over to their website to find more information about the contest and how to participate.

Final hour

And so the 7th official edition, which was on the theme of luck, comes to a close! So many activities, guests, shows, screenings and panels all more memorable than the next.
The comments and suggestions panel has started. Be it bad, be it good, let it all out and let us know what you think of the festival. If you feel so inclined you may also make suggestions for the future for us to consider. The closing ceremony has also ended, marking the official end to this year’s amazing festival. A big thank you to all the guests, panelists, volunteers, medias, merchants, artists, and, of course, attendees for coming around and making this festival a success! We will see you all again next year for our 8th edition, but also in various events and conventions before that throughout the year!

Dawn of the final day

Registrations for today are open, with badges at 50% off for the last day of the con! Also don’t forget to grab your bracelets for the Orchestre Portable de Jeux Vidéo show and our guests of honour’s second show in front of Salle Hydro-Québec, starting at 10!
Activities will also start at 10, with various panels from our attendees and the auditions for the Nadeshicon Idol! Grab your mic, and impress our staff!

Night of the second day

And so the last panels for today are just starting; one about the ins and out of running a convention, another that is in fact a competition between the most knowledgeable Vocaloid fans, and one last one which pertains to the My Little Pony phenomenon. On the fourth floor and in Salle Hydro-Québec, people are dancing and singing the night away, for it is still young. We will see you all again tomorrow, for yet another festival day packed full of amazing panels and shows!

Night of the first day

The last panels of the night just started, marking the last moments of this first day. Many are already in bed, many are still resisting the siren’s call. We will see you all tomorrow again, for many more exciting activities, including the first show of our two guests of honour!

Also, don’t forget that, if your schedule has mysteriously disappeared, we have it online in the Schedule section.

Where to eat during the festival?

To start things off, we were informed this morning that the Union of Support Employees of Université Laval is no longer on strike. Despite that, parking rules will remain as they were during the strike for Friday and Monday, which means we modified yesterday’s post yet again to reflect those changes:
With that being said, Nadeshicon starts tomorrow! We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that, despite everything going on, it is very important for you to stay hydrated, as well as sleep and eat. In the case of that last one, you really have no excuse; there’s food everywhere!
Starting on site, we have our very own Nadeshicon Café, situated in the Gaming Room, where you will be able to get hot dogs for a very low price. In the Dealers Room, you may find various merchants selling snacks of all kinds, as well as the Fanamanga serving various dishes and beverages at the counter. If that’s not enough, are also on site the Fou AELIÉS Café, the university pub, and the Chez Alphonse convenience store.
Just a short distance from the venue, one may find Place Ste-Foy and Place Laurier, both of which host a number of food counters, and Pyramide Ste-Foy, in which various restaurants do business. One such restaurant is Ogari San Sushi, which was sadly unable to be on site this year. Fear not, however, because they will be offering 15% off the menu if you show them your badge from our festival!
As you may have noticed by now, variety is really not an issue here, so go ahead and eat your fill! After all, having fun is good and all, but taking care of yourself is just as important! See you tomorrow!

Parking during the event, and 50% off badges on the Sunday of the festival!

Parking during the event, and 50% off badges on the Sunday of the festival!
(Modified again on March 31th due to parking rules remaining the same as previously, despite the Union of Support Employees of Université Laval not being on strike anymore)
Since the Union of Support Employees of Université Laval were on strike, policies regarding the parking lots on campus will be slightly different this year. First off, the usual free hours are unaffected; as such, all parking lots are free on Saturday and Sunday. On Friday, the 00 underground lot of Pavillon Desjardins-Pollack, where our event is held, will be free starting at 4:30pm. You may find more information regarding what lots are free when on this website, in French.
Outside of these free periods, rules are slightly different from usual. Parking lots that fall under categories #2 and #3 will be available to everyone free of charge, while lots under category #1, including the aforementionned underground lot, are reserved to owners of a parking permit. You may find more information regarding these rulings on this website.
To know what parking lots fall under which category, you may find a plan named « Règlement sur le stationnement » in the above page. #1 parkings lots are coloured grey, while #2 are blue and #3 are yellow.