Jeux A-Z Games in charge of the TCG and boardgames room, and lauching of the second volume of Frivolesque!

In order to keep the relaxation theme going after the announcements for screenings and video games, we are very happy to announce that Jeux A-Z Games will be back again this year, but with boardgames on top of card games! So drop by the same room as last year, and enjoy the tabletop fun!
However, when it comes to relaxing, few things are as effective as reading. Our guest Etienne “Dez” Desilets-Trempe, the man behind the webcomic Frivolesque, has just recently published the second volume of his work and will be selling it at Nadeshicon! Don’t miss out!

Unveiling of the programme, and a reminder of the policy on weapons!

Here it is! Fresh out of the oven, the programme is available in the Programme page! You may find, among other things, all the activities, guests, as well as a plan of the Dealers Room! Don’t forget that you will also get a physicial copy of it during the festival, alongside your badge. Please note that, in the event of a discrepancy of the times and locations of activities between the programme and the schedule, the latter prevails.

Also included in the programme are the rules, among which are the ones concerning weapons and weapon replicas. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the policy concerning them during the festival. As such, are forbidden the following:

  • Any firearm, replica of a firearm, or anything resembling a firearm;
  • Any object that can shoot projectiles, including but not limited to guns, bows, bolas, slingshots, water guns and nerf guns;
  • Weapons made of metal, even if they do not cut, and even if they’re packaged, hidden, or sheathed (weapons made of wood or other soft materials are accepted unless otherwise forbidden by other rules);
  • Taser guns, brass knuckles, truncheons, nunchakus, pepper spray or any other object forbidden by law;
  • Excessively large, long or heavy accessories may be confiscated, if considered dangerous by the security;
  • Any other object considered dangerous by the security.

The items described are forbidden on the whole campus, per the rules of Université Laval.

The flea market is back!

Shivers go down your spine when you try to find a place for your new figure in your display? Your manga library is so full, even dust is too afraid of it breaking down to get close? Your fridge is the only place left for you to store your games? Fear not, for the flea market is here to save the day!
The process is quite simple: You deposit your items at the market and specify the price at which you wish to sell them. We put them on sale. Later on or when leaving the convention, you come back and get your money and/or unsold items. If they were sold, we keep a 20% cut on the price your specified; if not, we keep nothing.
Of course, selling things is but one facet of a flea market! Whether you’re a seller or not, drop by the market often to check on new arrivals! You may very well find some gems!
If you have several items to put on sale, we encourage you to download, fill, and bring (in digital format) this Excel document to facilitate and accelerate the registration process!

Bar-restaurant LvlOp in charge of the Gaming Room!

Ever since and even before it opened its doors in St-Roch at the end of October last year, LvlOp has been on everyone’s lips. Taking the concept of a regular sports bar but with an electronic twist, the company innovated not only through their focus on video games, but also with their menu that features both a fastfood and a restaurant section. And yet they did not stop there.
A substantial difference between video games and sports is the physical space required to enjoy them. Seizing this opportunity offered by their concept as an e-sports bar, they created a section within their restaurant for customers to not only watch games, but play them. From the oldest to the newest generations, from the more laid-back single-player games to the fiercest multiplayer tournaments, they offer a way to escape from everyday life for a few moments. And that is exactly what they are bringing to our festival. Be it to relax for a little while or take on the toughest of opponents to reach the top, sit down, grab a controller, and, well, have fun!
Don’t hesitate to drop a like on their Facebook page, we swear they don’t bite! If anything, you should; into their food, that is!

Free anime screenings, sponsored by Funimation!

Japanese pop culture, specifically anime, being a huge part of our festival, it only makes sense for us to offer screenings during the event. Thanks to Funimation, however, we are able to do so, and you don’t even need a badge to watch them! So, say you have that one friend you think would really love anime but never cared to try? Bring him! There is stuff for everyone, from the newest, hottest shows to the dark and forgotten pearls of yesterday; everything you need to convince your relunctant friend of how great the world of anime is. Or maybe you just want to escape and relax for a bit in the midst of the festival. That’s cool too. Or maybe you want to relive some great moments with friends. See, all these reasons to watch!
Keep an eye out for the schedule once it’s out to find out exactly what’s going to be presented!
You may find more about Funimation, including subscribing to their service with a free 14 days trial, on their website.

Komachi Montreal back for this year’s Nadeshicon!

Japanese folk dance group based in the Quebec metropolis, Komachi Montreal is a staple in Japanese culture events since it was established in 2007. Well-known for its fun dances, the troupe’s primary goal is to make everyone have a great time.
Serving as quite the accurate representation of their cultural engagement, the music video they shot on Koi Suru Fortune Cookie, by AKB48, not only features themselves, but also people from countless events and cultural groups across the province. Speaking of which, you may notice your favorite Japanese culture festival based in Quebec City in there!
You may find more about Komachi Montreal in the Guests page.

Novelist Mel Gosselin will be at Nadeshicon!

Fascinated by both geek culture and popular Japanese culture since she was young, Mel Gosselin has since published multiple novels, including the hit novels “Cétacia” and the first three volumes of her current series, “Jacky Salaberry: Collectionneur de Virus”, the latest of which she will be presenting at our festival. She will also discuss what it means to be a writer, a panel any budding or experienced author will want to attend!
You may find Mel Gosselin’s biography in the Guests page.

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais at Nadeshicon!

Cosplayer, designer and glamour model, Marie-Claude Bourbonnais is one of the most notorious figures of cosplay across the globe. Owner of her very own workshop, she has mastered the use of several types of materials, allowing her to reach new heights in the art of crafting not only costumes, but also props, sets, and even shoes.
Invited to events across numerous continents for her crafting and performance skills, she will be making a stop in a festival much closer to home this time. Come see and cheer on one local cosplayer who were are all proud of!
You may find Marie-Claude’s biography in the Guests section.

Rules for the Nadeshicon Idol!

You can’t help but sing along your favorite anime opening? You admire the works of the numerous Japanese idol groups? Or maybe you are fascinated by visual kei and its bands? Nadeshicon Idol may very well be the perfect fit for you!
Friendly singing competition, Nadeshicon Idol will put your voice, your Japanese pronounciation, your memory of the lyrics, and, last but not least, your presence to the test through a live show. Get on stage and blow us away!
If you would like to participate, make sure you read and follow the rules. You may find them right here.
Good luck!