Public meeting, and deadline for the art contest!

A public meeting will be held on Thursday, November 24th, starting at 7:00pm in room 3105 of Pavillon Desjardins-Pollack, on the campus of Université Laval. Feel free to come if you have any questions!
Also, there are only 2 weeks left to the art contest for the official poster for Nadeshicon 2017! You may find all the info in this post, including the prizes available. We already have received some amazing drawings, but do wish to see even more! You have until December 1st to submit them!

Drawing contest still in progress!

You were unable to book an artist space in time, or simply want to see your art on display throughout Quebec City? Don’t give up yet! The drawing contest for the poster of the 2017 edition of our festival is still ongoing, and will be until December 1st! Prizes include artist tables in our Dealers Room, money, as well as the attention of several hundred people!
You may find all the details and requirements in our post from October 1st, linked right here!

Reservations for the Dealers Room starting soon!

We wish to remind you that, if you’re a merchant or an artist, the form to rent a space during the con will be made available on our website at 6pm on Tuesday, November 1st, at what point reservations will effectively open. Be sure to read it closely, since we’ve modified it substantially!
Also, for artists out there, don’t forget that the drawing contest for our festival’s poster is still ongoing, and will be until December 1st. You could win a space in our dealers room, as well as a cash prize!
On that note, we would like to wish you a haunting Halloween and mountains of sweets!

Foire Geek is tomorrow!

Featuring countless local artists and geek merchants, Foire Geek is a fantastic place to help spread this amazing culture and get a little something for both you and your loved ones!
See you tomorrow, starting at 10:30am until 5:30pm, at Grand Salon in Université Laval’s Pavillon Alphonse-Desjardins!
You may also find more details concerning the artists and merchants who’ll be there by taking a look at the Facebook event!

Drawing contest for our promotional poster, and date at which reservations for the Dealers’ Room will open!

Following last year’s success, we decided to reiterate the drawing contest for our promotional poster for Nadeshicon 2017! The requirements remain fairly the same, with the exception of this edition’s theme. Thus, your drawing will need the following :

  • To star our two mascots, Nadeshiko and Saito.
  • To have one of the two characters wear a traditional japanese outfit, with the other wearing something more modern.
  • To follow the theme of luck, due to the fact that the year will end in 7.
  • To be suitable for a general audience.
  • To represent japanese culture well, since it is the main focus of our convention!

Of course, when talking about a contest, one has to mention the rewards. Unlike last year however, two winners will be selected, instead of one, although only the grand winner’s art will be used. As such, the second place winner will receive :

  • One (1) table in our Dealers’ Room, or $50, to their discretion.

The first place winner will be granted :

  • $50.
  • Two (2) tables in our Dealers’ Room, each tradeable for $50 instead, to their discretion.

The art of the grand winner will be used for promotional purposes, such as the poster and t-shirts, for which no additional royalties will be awarded. However, as per its uses, it is a great opportunity for visibility, so don’t forget to sign your art! So it can be used for thoses purposes, we also require the grand winner to submit us a high-res, colored version, a PDF version, as well as a vectorial, black/white lineart version for the t-shirts, if possible. Since the poster will be in 11×17 format, please make sure the resolution of your drawing is in an adequate resolution.

You may find some of our previous posters and promotional pictures here, which may serve as both references and inspiration.

You have until December 1st 2016 to submit your art at

Also, in other news, reservations for the Dealers’ Room for Nadeshicon 2017 will open on November 1st for merchants and artists alike, at which date the forms will be uploaded to our website. Don’t miss it, because those tables will be gone pretty quickly!

Best of luck to everyone!

Weapon props won’t be allowed during Foire Geek

We wish to inform you that, per Université Laval’s rules, all weapon props are prohibited from the university’s grounds, which includes the Grand Salon, where Foire Geek will be held on October 8th.

Unlike Festival Nadeshicon itself, during which the university grants us a special permission for such props, all weapon replicas, no matter its material or color, are strictly forbidden. This rule applies to both cosplayers and vendors alike.

On a happier note, there are only 36 hours left as of the publication of this post for you to participate in our giveaway for Distant Worlds: Montreal. If you haven’t already, you may find the post concerning it by visiting our Facebook page!

We will have our own tables during the Foire Geek!

Much like our flea market in past Kermesses, you will be able to sell your used articles through our services on Octobre 8th, so it’s the perfect opportunity to find new owners for your comics or your anime figures!
The rules are the same as in past events; we take a 20% cut on sold articles to help fund our festival. We don’t take anything on unsold articles, and return them to their owners.
So, if you want to sell through our services, you only need to bring your items to our tables and tell us at what price you wish to sell it, including our cut. In the case of numerous items, we would appreciate if you could bring a list of them, along with their prices, to accelerate the process. Excel format, on USB flash drive, is not necessary, but would be appreciated.
Oh, one last thing. Since Foire Geek will be replacing Kermesse this year, our usual Kermesse won’t happen. Sorry!

Partial staff nomination!

We are happy to welcome the following people to the team!
  • Security: Marc-André Lamothe and Patrick Beauchesne
  • Traditional Guests Relations: Maxime Girard
  • Pop Guests Relations: Fabienne Marquis
  • Volunteers: Sophie Manseau
  • Panels: Michaël Betty
  • Dealers Room: Charles Beauparlant
  • Technical and IT: Benoit-Pierre Guay
  • Karaoke: Marie-Ève Rigali and Philippe Belleau
  • Graphic Designer and Illustrator: Myriam Bernard
  • Projections: François Vézina
  • Nadeshicon Idol: Manuella Coulombe
  • Gaming Room: Jean-Christophe Morin
  • Masquerade: Kimberly Bouchard
  • Dance Night: Steven Ouellet
Please note that we’re still looking for people for marketing and photographs. If you would be interested in joining the team, please email us at and tell us why you would be the perfect candidate!