Nadeshicon 2013, it’s then end!

Hello everyone!

Yes, Nadeshicon ended … I hope that you all had fun during this weekend. For us, we have done the best for you! We can now rest and soon start to arrange everything for 2014! (Yes, it starts early!) We hope you had a wonderful time and a colorful festival!

Whether you’re a festival, volunteers, panelists, guests, media, merchants, artisans, and other staff, we thank all of you, since you are the craftsmen known Nadeshicon 2013 as a big success!

See you on April 2014!
Team Nadeshicon 2013

Nadeshicon’s Meeting

Hi everyone!

A public meeting of Nadeshicon 2013 Executive Committee will be held Wednesday July 25 at 19:30. You are all invited to come and give your ideas, opinions and contribute to the development of what Nadeshicon 2013 will be!

Then, important notice to all those wishing to be part of the Nadeshicon’s staff (people who will substantially help in organizing Nadeshicon and its related activities, without voting rights at meetings of the EC), you are cordially invited! We will start very early in recruiting, so come show us your interest! 😉

In addition, following the resignation of Stephanie as our secratary (for understandable reasons), the EC is looking for a new secretary. According to our charter, you must send your application to our board of directors (by sending an e-mail at and they will vote for the best candidate. If you want the position, a small presence at this meeting may help to know you better!

So let’s all meet next Wednesday July 25th at 19:30 in the Anime Club local!

Alexandra Jetté
Communications Manager Nadeshicon 2013

Nadeshicon’s Outside Photoshoot

Hi everyone! We’re inviting you to Nadeshicon’s photoshoot!

Your closet is full of awesome cosplays? Let’s show them!

We offer you an outside photoshoot, Saturday the august 18th. Let join us and make awesome pictures with our photographer: Droo!

The goal of this activity is to create a cosplay/Japanese culture calendar for Nadeshicon 2013. What you get : a wonderful afternoon with a lot of cosplayers and a chance to win your ticket for Nadeshicon 2013! The cosplayers on the selected pictures will have a free ticket for Nadeshicon in April 2013.

Furthermore, we’ll bring some Yakisoba pan to eat for free! (1 per person) 😉 But we invite you to bring your own lunch to complete your dinner and we’ll all eat together. (For those who don’t know what Yakisoba is, click here.)

So let’s have fun with cosplays and strike a pose!

When : Saturday, August 18th, 1.00pm. If we have bad weather : August 19th, 1.00pm.
Where : Some park, still to be determined, Quebec City.
What : Cosplay photoshoot

Don’t forget to join the Facebook event so we can make enough yakisoba pan!

Alexandra Jetté
Responsable des communications, Nadeshicon 2013