Post-Mortem Nadeshicon 2014

The Post-Mortem of Festival Nadeshicon 2014 will be Sunday May 4th starting 1:00 PM and will last until “everyone has shared their thoughts” on what will become Festival Nadeshicon 2015! The meeting will be at room 3105 at the Maurice-Pollack Pavilion at Université Laval!

If you wish to share your vision on the future of Festival Nadeshicon, it’s now or never to be heard!

For more informations (in french) :

How does it cost?

The admission fee for Festival Nadeshicon 2014 has finally been determined. After one thousand calculations to preserver its utmost quality in terms of guests and activities, all this sprinkled with the growth of our event, this edition will be offered to you at 15$ per person for the whole weekend!

Children less than 12 years old will be admitted for free.

Our pre-order system will be revealed in the following weeks to come!

Kermesse Anime and Maid Cafe : Regulations of University Laval

The Kermesse Anime will soon be held (December 7th), but this announcement is for those who will wear a costume during our fundraising activities (which include The Kermesse Anime and the Maid Café, among others). We have to remind you that the rules of Université Laval state that: “all objects that the shape, size or design may looks like a firearm or an edged weapon are prohibited. This includes, for example, guns, knife and others plastics toys. Even if these are colorful objects or have other features that may seems that they are not breaking the rules, they still can be misleading for some people.” Therefore, we would appreciate if you follow the rules. If not, we will confiscate and locked the object until the departure of the offender (who will be able to leave with his object) Thank you again for understanding!

The Festival Nadeshicon’s team.

Nadeshicon 2013, it’s then end!

Hello everyone!

Yes, Nadeshicon ended … I hope that you all had fun during this weekend. For us, we have done the best for you! We can now rest and soon start to arrange everything for 2014! (Yes, it starts early!) We hope you had a wonderful time and a colorful festival!

Whether you’re a festival, volunteers, panelists, guests, media, merchants, artisans, and other staff, we thank all of you, since you are the craftsmen known Nadeshicon 2013 as a big success!

See you on April 2014!
Team Nadeshicon 2013