Foire Geek is tomorrow!

Featuring countless local artists and geek merchants, Foire Geek is a fantastic place to help spread this amazing culture and get a little something for both you and your loved ones!
See you tomorrow, starting at 10:30am until 5:30pm, at Grand Salon in Université Laval’s Pavillon Alphonse-Desjardins!
You may also find more details concerning the artists and merchants who’ll be there by taking a look at the Facebook event!

Weapon props won’t be allowed during Foire Geek

We wish to inform you that, per Université Laval’s rules, all weapon props are prohibited from the university’s grounds, which includes the Grand Salon, where Foire Geek will be held on October 8th.

Unlike Festival Nadeshicon itself, during which the university grants us a special permission for such props, all weapon replicas, no matter its material or color, are strictly forbidden. This rule applies to both cosplayers and vendors alike.

On a happier note, there are only 36 hours left as of the publication of this post for you to participate in our giveaway for Distant Worlds: Montreal. If you haven’t already, you may find the post concerning it by visiting our Facebook page!

We will have our own tables during the Foire Geek!

Much like our flea market in past Kermesses, you will be able to sell your used articles through our services on Octobre 8th, so it’s the perfect opportunity to find new owners for your comics or your anime figures!
The rules are the same as in past events; we take a 20% cut on sold articles to help fund our festival. We don’t take anything on unsold articles, and return them to their owners.
So, if you want to sell through our services, you only need to bring your items to our tables and tell us at what price you wish to sell it, including our cut. In the case of numerous items, we would appreciate if you could bring a list of them, along with their prices, to accelerate the process. Excel format, on USB flash drive, is not necessary, but would be appreciated.
Oh, one last thing. Since Foire Geek will be replacing Kermesse this year, our usual Kermesse won’t happen. Sorry!

Foire Geek de Québec is associating with Nadeshicon for its third edition!

In partnership with Nadeshicon and taking place on October 8th in Grand Salon, Pavillon Alphonse-Desjardins, Université Laval, this edition will once again feature numerous local artists and merchants in order to celebrate the culture that is so dear to us and to gather funds for a charity that will be revealed at a later date!

Make sure to Like Foire Geek de Québec’s Facebook page, especially so if you are an artist or merchant looking to sell at the event, as all the info can be found there!

Here’s also the Event page, so you don’t miss it!