And thus the virtual curtain falls on Nadeshicon 2021!

Thank you for joining us in learning about the various arts, traditional and modern alike, that shape Japan. Thank you for sharing your passions with us through your panels and making us fall in love with them in turn. Thank you for exploring haunted houses and taking on 98 Tetris opponents with us. And, of course, thank you for visiting the virtual dealers room, for supporting local artists and merchants, and for… taking part in the great slimes versus chickens war? Or was that but the first skirmish in a long upcoming conflict…
To be continued next year!

Nadeshicon 2021 online’s virtual doors are now open!

We have two days chuck-full of panels, conferences, games, performances, and a dealers room ready to welcome you!
Please note that if you purchase your ticket from now until the end of the festival, processing may take up to 30 minutes. We’re really sorry about that.
If you already own your ticket, don’t miss our guests’ panels, starting with NiQ‘s Cosplay Makeup at 11 to become makeup pros!

Don’t miss Masahiko ŌTSUKA’s answers to your questions!

Studio TRIGGER‘s 10th birthday is right around the corner, which means it has been 10 years since Mr. ŌTSUKA and the other founding members left Gainax. As Studio TRIGGER’s director, Mr. ŌTSUKA has knowledge and experience far beyond most members of the industry. Watch his Q&A session tomorrow and learn more about his own journey, the evolution of the industry and what’s up with Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt!
Want to know some of the big titles Mr. ŌTSUKA has worked on? Read his bio as the Guest of Honour for Nadeshicon 2021 online!
Get your ticket for the festival (it starts tomorrow!)

The tea ceremony will go beyond a simple sensory experience!

Presented by Reina Sakao, the tea ceremony will highlight just how culturally significant tea is in Japan. Every gesture, every motion is steeped in the history of this practice and of this beverage, making for a mesmerizing experience. Jacinthe will also be joining the ceremony on the shamisen, further enhancing this unique experience.
You may find Reina’s Sakao’s bio on the Guests page.
The convention is in two days! Get your ticket now.

Go beyond mere words with Shoho Teramoto of Club de shodo de l’Espace Japon!

Oftentimes, writing is seen as nothing more than a series of recognizable symbols that make up groups known as words. However, the act of writing in itself can be, even is, art, and calligraphy puts that aspect at the forefront. Elegant and serene, this traditional artform still thrives in Japan where Shoho Teramoto studied it since the age of six. Discover and learn more about this mesmerizing practice at Nadeshicon 2021 online.
Read Club de shodo de l’Espace Japon’s bio on the Guests page.
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L’Orchestre Portable de Jeux Vidéo here to buff you with a Hero’s Rime!

Fear not, Warriors of Light! Reinforcements are on the way in the form of a troupe of powerful bards! Let the unforgettable songs of the Final Fantasy series soothe your soul, strengthen your resolve and take you to new horizons!
Don’t miss the Orchestre’s show at Nadeshicon 2021 online this weekend!
Read the OPJV’s bio on the Guests page.