March 24-26, 2023
Québec City Convention Centre

Information from last year

Warning! This information was valid in 2018 and may change in 2019. Check the website to be informed when the new version is online.

Information regarding panels and workshops


Panel refers to a conference given by one or many amateurs that have acquired a certain expertise in a given subject.

Workshop refers to a presentation the purpose of which is to teach the public about a particular art while also allowing them to participate.

Interval refers to the 10-15 minutes gap between every panel/workshop that allows the previous panel/workshop to gather their things and for the following panel/workshop to prepare and setup.

Schedule block refers to a one (1) hour block in the schedule, but of which the length is in fact forty-five (45) minutes due to the interval between panels/workshops. In the case of a panel/workshop of which the length is two (2) schedule blocks, the interval between said two (2) blocks will be added to the length of the panel, making it effectively one (1) hour and forty-five (45) minutes long.


General Information

The Festival will be held April 6th-8th 2018. Panels will be held during the following times:

  • Friday from 6pm to 1am
  • Saturday from 10am to 1am
  • Sunday from 10am à 6pm.

A panel/workshop is of a length of either one (1) or two (2) schedule blocks.

Panelists must respect the interval between panels/workshops to allow the following panel/workshop to setup and start on time.

Panels/workshops rated 16+ and 18+ will be selected at the discretion of the Festival.

The Festival reserves the right to reject some panels/workshops at its discretion.

Each panel/workshop can have up to three panelists. More people can assist, but their participation will not count toward the refund policy.

One table (1) and four (4) chairs will be  available at the front of the room for the panelists to use.

Panelists are required to bring their own computer, if they require one.

Festival Nadeshicon cannot give internet access. Université Laval students are required
to prepare alternative options in case of unforeseen internet lag.

Refund Policy

The refund is only effective for the three (3) panelists specified in the form.

Panelists will be awarded a $5 refund on their badge in exchange for one (1) schedule block, $10 for two (2) schedule blocks, and a full refund after three (3) schedule blocks. Please note that those are not cumulative.


The panel form for the 2018 edition is no longer available. Keep an eye on our social medias to be notified of when submissions will open for 2019!