Reminder for the flea market!

You were looking through your stuff for that old Dragon Ball manga collection of yours when you stumbled upon your Sailor Moon one instead and, reliving your childhood memories, you completely forgot about the flea market? Fear not, we’re here to remind you!
Here’s what you need to know about the flea market:
  • You deposit the items you wish to sell at the market’s counter while the market is open during the festival, and specify the price at which you wish to sell them
  • We sell them for you
  • You come get your money and unsold items later during the festival, again while the market is open
  • We take a 20% cut on the specified price on sold items; unsold items are given back to you free of charge
  • You’re thinking of selling a lot of stuff? Fill out this document and bring it with you when depositing your items to accelerate things!
You have nothing to lose by trying to sell your geek and japanese items, and it may even allow you to get that beautiful print your eye has been glued to in the dealers room!

Flea market back for another year!

Are the folks over at the apartment under yours growing tired of your poor manga library creaking in the dead of the night? Or maybe the narrow pathway between your figurine displays can only be narrowed down so much still? Or maybe, like a poet leaving a book on a park bench, you want to pass your favorite anime DVD on to a new owner so that they, too, can in turn fall in love with it?
The flea market is at your service! Come deposit the items you wish to sell during the festival, along with the price you wish to ask for them, and we will take care of it! Always filled to the brim with pearls of every kind, the market profits from constant traffic, making it ideal for you to sell your used geek and anime goods!
Do take note that we will be taking a 20% cut on sold items, so be sure to decide on a price with that in mind. You will also be able to fetch your unsold items back, free of charge.
If you intend on selling multiple items, you may fill this Excel document ahead of time and bring it with you along with your items to make it easier on our staff to add them to our inventory!

We will have our own tables during the Foire Geek!

Much like our flea market in past Kermesses, you will be able to sell your used articles through our services on Octobre 8th, so it’s the perfect opportunity to find new owners for your comics or your anime figures!
The rules are the same as in past events; we take a 20% cut on sold articles to help fund our festival. We don’t take anything on unsold articles, and return them to their owners.
So, if you want to sell through our services, you only need to bring your items to our tables and tell us at what price you wish to sell it, including our cut. In the case of numerous items, we would appreciate if you could bring a list of them, along with their prices, to accelerate the process. Excel format, on USB flash drive, is not necessary, but would be appreciated.
Oh, one last thing. Since Foire Geek will be replacing Kermesse this year, our usual Kermesse won’t happen. Sorry!

The flea market will be back for this year’s Nadeshicon!

Following the resounding success of last year’s flea market, we have decided to bring it back, but this time for the whole weekend of the convention! You don’t have any more room for any new figure? Your book-case is starting to make strange noises under the pressure from all your mangas and animes? Come find a new owner for your used japanese pop culture goods! Who knows, you might also find the one missing volume to your collection!

If you would like to sell your items, you will only need to bring them to the location of the flea market during the convention. However, if you wish to bring a lot of goods to sell, we recommend filling this form, printing it and bringing it along with your goods to make the process faster and smoother.

Please note that there will be a 20% service fee on sold items.

See you there!