March 24-26, 2023
Québec City Convention Centre
You were looking through your stuff for that old Dragon Ball manga collection of yours when you stumbled upon your Sailor Moon one instead and, reliving your childhood memories, you completely forgot about the flea market? Fear not, we’re here to remind you!
Here’s what you need to know about the flea market:
  • You deposit the items you wish to sell at the market’s counter while the market is open during the festival, and specify the price at which you wish to sell them
  • We sell them for you
  • You come get your money and unsold items later during the festival, again while the market is open
  • We take a 20% cut on the specified price on sold items; unsold items are given back to you free of charge
  • You’re thinking of selling a lot of stuff? Fill out this document and bring it with you when depositing your items to accelerate things!
You have nothing to lose by trying to sell your geek and japanese items, and it may even allow you to get that beautiful print your eye has been glued to in the dealers room!