Nunumi to guest at Nadeshicon!

Christine Dallaire-Dupont, also known as Nunumi, is an artist who has worked on numerous animated productions created here. Her self-published comic, Sky Rover, was chosen as Jury Selection in the Manga category of the 20th Japan Media Arts Festival, which led her to tour all over Japan to give conferences and workshops on her art.
Now back to cold and icy Canada, she will be hosting various panels and workshops at Nadeshicon to share her experience, both the one in Japan and the one she has acquired pen in hand. Don’t forget to bring your drawing supplies and scissors to the workshops, and who knows, you may win a one year license for Clip Studio Paint!
You may find Nunumi’s bio in the Guests section.

Winners of the drawing contest!

Tears and blood were shed as we struggled to pick which of the amazing entries would be the official poster for Nadeshicon 2018. Okay, maybe not quite, but, as you can tell from the beauty of all submitted pictures, it was quite a difficult decision to make. Before we get to the results of that hard-fought battle, we would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts all the incredible artists who participated in this contest; your work breathes life into this world!
Alright, enough poetry, it’s time to announce the winners! In second place, with a stunning rendition of our mascot characters in a warm and welcoming setting, Khadija Boulazhar’s (also known as Nero) beautiful entry!
In first place, with the powerful representation of two worlds colliding and yet finding harmony, we have Ikeda’s dazzling illustration! This beautiful entry, which captures the very core of our convention, will become the official poster for this edition of the festival!
Congratulations to both the winners! It was a tough time only picking two, but we wouldn’t have it any other way; artists from here are just that talented!
Thank you yet again to everyone who entered the contest!

Artist spaces allocated in the Dealers Room

The odds have spoken. Artist spaces have been distributed; whether you’re one of the lucky ones or not, you should receive an email in the next few days.
If the odds weren’t in your favor (or even if they were), don’t forget that we have a contest going on for the official poster for our convention, with tables and cash prizes! You can find all the juicy details in our post from October 1st, when the contest began.
Thank you to all the artists who submitted for a space, and congratulations to the winners!

Drawing contest for our promotional poster!

Artist submissions for a space in the Dealers Room may be over, but that does not mean you’re out of options to grab a table at our event! How, you ask? By participating in this very contest for our promotional poster for Nadeshicon 2018! The requirements remain fairly the same, with the exception of this edition’s theme. Thus, your drawing will need the following :
  • To star our two mascots, Nadeshiko and Saito.
  • To have one of the two characters wear a traditional japanese outfit, with the other wearing something more modern.
  • To follow this year’s theme of Canada-Japan relations. You will be required to feature our two countries’ cultures; we leave the specifics to your imagination.
  • To be suitable for a general audience.
  • While not required, we invite you to include our two new adorable mascots, Tsuki the fox robot, and Hoshi the Japanese buzzard, both of which live alongside Nadeshiko and Saito!
Of course, when talking about a contest, one has to mention the rewards. Following the same rules as last year, two winners will be selected, instead of one, although only the grand winner’s art will be used. As such, the second place winner will receive :
  • One (1) table in our Dealers’ Room, or $50, to their discretion.
The first place winner will be granted :
  • $50.
  • Two (2) tables in our Dealers’ Room, each tradeable for $50 instead, to their discretion.
The art of the grand winner will be used for promotional purposes, such as the poster and t-shirts, for which no additional royalties will be awarded. However, as per its uses, it is a great opportunity for visibility, so don’t forget to sign your art! So it can be used for thoses purposes, we also require the grand winner to submit us a high-res, colored version, a PDF version, as well as a vectorial, black/white lineart version for the t-shirts. While only the colored version is required to submit in the first place, we recommend preparing all three versions ahead of time, if not sending them all with your entry to simplify things afterward. Since the poster will be in 11×17 format, please make sure your drawing is of an adequate resolution.
Since we will be sharing the entries on our social medias, we encourage you to include in your email the name or nickname under which you wish to appear, and a link to your portfolio, be it Facebook, deviantArt or something else, so that we can credit you appropriately. You have until the end of the month of October to submit your art at [email protected]
You may find some reference pictures included in this post, on top of the designs of Tsuki and Hoshi, by Kunyue, linked before.
Also, as a last bit of news for artists who submitted for a space in the Dealers Room, winners will be selected shortly, so keep an eye on your emails throughout the week.
Best of luck to everyone!

We need you!

Autumn has arrived, and with it the promise of upcoming cold weather. However, before the needs arise to cover yourself in warm clothes, how about putting on some fancy ones?
The Maid Café is drawing near, and we are still looking for maids and butlers to make this event the best possible for everyone! Want in? Send us an email at [email protected]! You do need your own outfit, mind you 😉
Speaking of drawing near, the reservations for artist spaces in the Dealers Room are ending at the end of the month! Send in yours a.s.a.p.!

Details regarding the lottery, and definitions of merchants and artists!

Following the reactions to our latest post, we thought it would be a good idea to shed more light on the lottery system. While it is called that way, it does not revolve solely around luck; we will prioritize content related to the theme of our event, as well as diversity. This way, we will be able to offer you a unique and vibrant Dealers Room. We apologize for not clearing that up sooner.
A few times lately, we have been asked about the differences between merchants and artists. These inquiries made us realize such definitions were not readily available. But no more! On top of being in the merchants contract which will be made available tomorrow, here they are now, so you may no longer be astray:
Considered as MERCHANTS are:
  • Enterprises or individuals who are selling official goods, used or new, produced by manufactures
  • Enterprises that sells unofficial or homemade goods and that are registered as a business at the Registraire des entreprises du Québec or Canada.
Considered as ARTISTS are:
  • Enterprises or individuals who are selling unofficial or homemade goods and that may or may not be registered as a business at the Registraire des entreprises du Québec or Canada
With that being said, we would like to thank you for your feedback. Every year, we work tirelessly to make this the best, most fun event possible, and we’re now working on our 8th official edition thanks to you. Until then, see you at the Maid Café!

Changes to the procedure to rent a space in the Dealers Room, and reservations starting on September 1st!

Your voices were heard! Starting this year, reservations to rent a space in the Dealers Room will be done online! PDF forms are so 2016 anyway.
But that’s not all! To further remedy the problems artists were experiencing due to our increasing popularity, the procedure to rent an artist space will no longer follow the “first come, first served” basis. Instead, artists will be selected using a lottery held one month after the start of reservations. No more waiting list an hour after reservations open! That way, if your teacher decides to keep you the full 3 hours on the first week of class, on a Friday no less, or if your kid suddenly starts thinking crayons look delicious, you won’t run the risk of missing the chance to get your own space. That being said, this change won’t affect merchant spaces, which will still follow the “first come, first served” rule.
Reservations start in 3 days! We look forward to seeing your marvelous creations and merchandise in the Dealers Room!

Winners of the art contest!

At long last, here are the winners of the art contest for the official poster of Nadeshicon 2017!
As you can imagine from all the beautiful works that were submitted to us, deciding on only two winners was no easy feat. With that being said, we are very happy to present to you the winners of this year’s art contest!
In second place, Anna Cee!
And the grand prize winner, Bich Ngoc Lam!
We would like to thank every artist who participated from the bottom of our hearts, and who submitted such gorgeous works. We are very honored to have such passionate fans, and we might have been a bit moved, seeing Nadeshiko and Saito in all those outfits and situations.
Congratulations to the winners and, again, a big thank you to everyone who participated!