March 24-26, 2023
Québec City Convention Centre
Artist submissions for a space in the Dealers Room may be over, but that does not mean you’re out of options to grab a table at our event! How, you ask? By participating in this very contest for our promotional poster for Nadeshicon 2018! The requirements remain fairly the same, with the exception of this edition’s theme. Thus, your drawing will need the following :
  • To star our two mascots, Nadeshiko and Saito.
  • To have one of the two characters wear a traditional japanese outfit, with the other wearing something more modern.
  • To follow this year’s theme of Canada-Japan relations. You will be required to feature our two countries’ cultures; we leave the specifics to your imagination.
  • To be suitable for a general audience.
  • While not required, we invite you to include our two new adorable mascots, Tsuki the fox robot, and Hoshi the Japanese buzzard, both of which live alongside Nadeshiko and Saito!
Of course, when talking about a contest, one has to mention the rewards. Following the same rules as last year, two winners will be selected, instead of one, although only the grand winner’s art will be used. As such, the second place winner will receive :
  • One (1) table in our Dealers’ Room, or $50, to their discretion.
The first place winner will be granted :
  • $50.
  • Two (2) tables in our Dealers’ Room, each tradeable for $50 instead, to their discretion.
The art of the grand winner will be used for promotional purposes, such as the poster and t-shirts, for which no additional royalties will be awarded. However, as per its uses, it is a great opportunity for visibility, so don’t forget to sign your art! So it can be used for thoses purposes, we also require the grand winner to submit us a high-res, colored version, a PDF version, as well as a vectorial, black/white lineart version for the t-shirts. While only the colored version is required to submit in the first place, we recommend preparing all three versions ahead of time, if not sending them all with your entry to simplify things afterward. Since the poster will be in 11×17 format, please make sure your drawing is of an adequate resolution.
Since we will be sharing the entries on our social medias, we encourage you to include in your email the name or nickname under which you wish to appear, and a link to your portfolio, be it Facebook, deviantArt or something else, so that we can credit you appropriately. You have until the end of the month of October to submit your art at [email protected]
You may find some reference pictures included in this post, on top of the designs of Tsuki and Hoshi, by Kunyue, linked before.
Also, as a last bit of news for artists who submitted for a space in the Dealers Room, winners will be selected shortly, so keep an eye on your emails throughout the week.
Best of luck to everyone!