March 24-26, 2023
Québec City Convention Centre

Nadeshicon is over… yeah, already! (since 4 days ago but we needed to regain our strength a little to thank you!!! 😜 )

Thank you to the guests, to the panelists, to the merchants, to the artisans, to the volunteers, to the staff, to the employees of the Convention Centre, to the organizing committee, but above all, thank YOU! We saw lots of smiles, lots of joy and fun! There were several of you (although we don’t have the official count yet, we can safely say that you were more than 20!😆 )

Now, the time has come to collect your comments, suggestions and interests on the 2023 edition to be able to offer you even better in 2024!
Please use this form to share your highlights of the event and where we can work for improvement!