March 24-26, 2023
Québec City Convention Centre

Martin Savard is a Rakugo enthusiast.

What is Rakugo?

Rakugo is a form of traditional Japanese comedy. It is characterized by a narrator (the Rakugoka) who tells a humorous story using only a fan and a small cushion as props, seated on a tatami in front of an audience seated in a circle.

The story told by the Rakugoka is often a short story, based on a main character who finds himself in an absurd or comical situation. Stories usually have an unexpected ending that makes the audience laugh.

Although Rakugo is traditionally told in Japanese, it has also been adapted into other languages, including English and French. It is moreover a wish of Martin Savard to interpret the tales and legends of Quebec in the Japanese way.

Come and meet him at his panel named Rakugo: les contes insolents.
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