Registration form for the masquerade!

The rules and registration form for the masquerade are now available, so you can print the registration form and fill it out before the festival! That being said, just filling it does not guarantee you an entry into the masquerade; you must present yourself at registration, starting at 6pm on Friday or 9am on Saturday, and hand in your form there. Blank forms will also be available on site if, for one reason or another, you can’t fill it ahead of time.
No forms sent to the management, electronically or not, will be accepted.
Registrations are limited to 20 teams per registration session, for a total of 40 entries, no exceptions.

Deadline for panel submissions!

You have until 11:59pm on March 1st to send us your panel submissions! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to present just what made Made in Abyss win the title of Anime of the Year 2017, or, on the contrary, why other nominees should have instead claimed this title. Or maybe you aren’t one for such heated debates, and would rather share obscure yet delicious Asian recipes with other cooking enthusiasts; that’s fine too, just let us have a taste!

Online volunteers form!

Unwavering in our fight against printed forms, we’ve converted the volunteers form into an online one for the kind folks who lend us their time and energy to build a spirit bo- to ensure the event is the best it can be. With such benefits as having your badge reimbursed, a few hours of your time allows everyone to enjoy the festival to its fullest, so fill up that form, put on that smile, and spread that positivity!

Panel submissions still in progress!

Do you play a TCG and wish to introduce more players to it? Or maybe you follow closely the technological progress of the Japanese car industry and want to share what makes it truly remarkable? Or perhaps you go through light novels at breakneck speeds and wish to shed some light on a few titles you believe deserve more attention?
Then why not host a panel about it? Show us your passion and submit a form now!

Panel form now available!

For the longest time, you’ve had this nagging theory about how birds are represented in J.C. Staff productions, and you believe it’s finally time to share it with the world? Or maybe, ever since you found out about Kantai Collection, you’ve been researching everything there is to know about ships and sailing, and wish to discuss it with fellow passionates? Or, who knows, you might have found this alternative tarot that’s unique to Japan, and wish to teach it to new apprentices?
Why not become a panelist! Be it in the form of a panel or a workshop, panelists share and teach what drives them, what they truly love about Japan and its complex culture with fellows fans and others who wish to know more about it.
Sounds cool? Head on over to the Get Involved page to fill the online form!

Details regarding the lottery, and definitions of merchants and artists!

Following the reactions to our latest post, we thought it would be a good idea to shed more light on the lottery system. While it is called that way, it does not revolve solely around luck; we will prioritize content related to the theme of our event, as well as diversity. This way, we will be able to offer you a unique and vibrant Dealers Room. We apologize for not clearing that up sooner.
A few times lately, we have been asked about the differences between merchants and artists. These inquiries made us realize such definitions were not readily available. But no more! On top of being in the merchants contract which will be made available tomorrow, here they are now, so you may no longer be astray:
Considered as MERCHANTS are:
  • Enterprises or individuals who are selling official goods, used or new, produced by manufactures
  • Enterprises that sells unofficial or homemade goods and that are registered as a business at the Registraire des entreprises du Québec or Canada.
Considered as ARTISTS are:
  • Enterprises or individuals who are selling unofficial or homemade goods and that may or may not be registered as a business at the Registraire des entreprises du Québec or Canada
With that being said, we would like to thank you for your feedback. Every year, we work tirelessly to make this the best, most fun event possible, and we’re now working on our 8th official edition thanks to you. Until then, see you at the Maid Café!

Changes to the procedure to rent a space in the Dealers Room, and reservations starting on September 1st!

Your voices were heard! Starting this year, reservations to rent a space in the Dealers Room will be done online! PDF forms are so 2016 anyway.
But that’s not all! To further remedy the problems artists were experiencing due to our increasing popularity, the procedure to rent an artist space will no longer follow the “first come, first served” basis. Instead, artists will be selected using a lottery held one month after the start of reservations. No more waiting list an hour after reservations open! That way, if your teacher decides to keep you the full 3 hours on the first week of class, on a Friday no less, or if your kid suddenly starts thinking crayons look delicious, you won’t run the risk of missing the chance to get your own space. That being said, this change won’t affect merchant spaces, which will still follow the “first come, first served” rule.
Reservations start in 3 days! We look forward to seeing your marvelous creations and merchandise in the Dealers Room!

Maid Café and volunteers

The Maid Café is tomorrow! During the event, our staff in charge of volunteers will be at your service to answer your questions concerning the roles and benefits of volunteers. Forms will also be available if you decide to lend us a hand!
If you are unable to attend tomorrow’s Maid Café, or if you already know you want to be a volunteer during Nadeshicon, you can also find the form in the Get Involved section!

The form to become a volunteer is now available!

Essential to our festival, volunteers are what makes the weekend go smoothly. Since various tasks are offered, make sure you pick your favorite ones before sending us your form. Do note that, just like panel hosts, volunteers will be rewarded for their work, as mentionned in further details in the form, which you may find in the Get Involved section.
Once filled, you may send us your form at [email protected].