March 24-26, 2023
Québec City Convention Centre

We’re ready to welcome you at the reception desk! Keep in mind however that activities will only start in one hour, at 5pm!

Here’s a reminder of the main activites of the day:
-Mika Kobayashi’s first show at 9pm. The bracelets will be handed out starting at 5pm in front of Salle Hydro-Québec.
-The opening ceremony at 5pm in Salle Hydro-Québec.
-The panel « 20 Otaku Mecca of Japan », by Christopher Mcdonald, at 6pm in panel A.
-The panel « Dépannage de Cosplay – Cosplay Troubleshooting », by Melting Mirror, in panel B at the same time.
-« Oui, je suis master mais… », by WildRose in panel A at 7pm.
-« L’arcade, la disparition d’une culture », by Puissance Maximale, at 8pm in panel A.
-« Con running: the why, the how! », by WildRose at 10pm in panel C.

Don’t forget that the flea market will be happening from 5pm to 10pm in room 3344, and screenings will be going throughout the evening.

Have fun!