March 24-26, 2023
Québec City Convention Centre
We are happy to welcome the following people to the team!
  • Security: Marc-André Lamothe and Patrick Beauchesne
  • Traditional Guests Relations: Maxime Girard
  • Pop Guests Relations: Fabienne Marquis
  • Volunteers: Sophie Manseau
  • Panels: Michaël Betty
  • Dealers Room: Charles Beauparlant
  • Technical and IT: Benoit-Pierre Guay
  • Karaoke: Marie-Ève Rigali and Philippe Belleau
  • Graphic Designer and Illustrator: Myriam Bernard
  • Projections: François Vézina
  • Nadeshicon Idol: Manuella Coulombe
  • Gaming Room: Jean-Christophe Morin
  • Masquerade: Kimberly Bouchard
  • Dance Night: Steven Ouellet
Please note that we’re still looking for people for marketing and photographs. If you would be interested in joining the team, please email us at [email protected] and tell us why you would be the perfect candidate!