March 24-26, 2023
Québec City Convention Centre

Your voice resonates well with the crowd.
You know how to move with the rhythm of music.
You can sing in Japanese.

If all the above represents who you are, you are the perfect candidate for the first edition of Nadeshicon Idol!

Here is an example of what we are looking for, taken from Anime North Idol 2013 (newcomers and experienced entries welcome).


  • Contestants must be singing alone; Groups and group presentations are not allowed.
  • The interpreted song MUST be of Japanese origin and 75% of it’s lyrics must be in Japanese. English adaptions of Japanese songs will not be accepted.
  • Performances must not exceed 6 minutes.
  • Contestants must bring their song burned on a CD written in a common readable format (MP3, etc.). The song must be a Karaoke version (preferably the official one) and must not have been altered. For everyone’s convenience, the song should be the only file burned on the CD.
  • The Nadeshicon Idol team is not responsible of any CD loss, damage, breakage or theft.
  • Only the stage performance will be judged. Though authorised, costumes will not earn extra points.
  • Any professional Singer wishing to participate must have written permission from their manager.

Audition process

  • Auditions will take place on Sunday morning during the Nadeshicon event (location T.B.A. along with the schedule). No candidates will be accepted after the audition period, including people in the waiting line.
  • Contestants are required to fill up an audition form at the event.
  • All contestants must bring their song on an identified CD.
  • Contestants will be assessed on the first 90 seconds of their performance. Note that it will be possible to skip ahead on their song should the intro be too lengthy. The number of contestants to participate at the finals will be based on the participating rate.
  • Results will be published at the Nadeshicon information booth a few minutes after auditions are finished.
  • Selected contestants will be called to a meeting point one hour before the Idol finals.

Nadeshicon Idol – FINALS

Each contestant will be invited for their individual performance on stage. Performing order will be random. The judging aspects will be :

  • Vocal Talent
  • Memorised Lyrics
  • On-stage performance
  • The song’s difficulty/originality
  • The judges personal choice.