Pre-registration for this year’s edition of Nadeshicon is now open!

Many of you contacted us asking where they could preorder their badge, so here is it! Pre-registration is now open!

Along with your badge, which costs $15, you are also able to reserve your bracelet to attend OJV’s show (indeed, OPJV will be at Nadeshicon this year as well with its portable version, hence the P in the name! More information on this will be available shortly) as well as the masquerade. Please note that not all bracelets will be available through pre-registration; you will also be able to get yours during the festival in case you cannot use pre-registration or if the bracelets available through it are depleted.

You can also buy one of our t-shirts along with your badge for an extra $15. While we are not able to show you its design just yet, know that it will be inspired by our official poster for this year’s edition!

We can’t wait to see you in April!

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