March 24-26, 2023
Québec City Convention Centre
Now that dust has settled a bit, we would like to take the time to adress a few things. But first, we would like to extend a gigantic thank you for all the love you’ve shown us in the last 24 hours. We are deeply touched by your kindess and could not hope for a better community.
In regard to our financial state, honestly, the title of this post probably made it sound way too ominous. We were very lucky considering the circumstances, and have only suffered minimal losses due to the cancellation. Many planned expenses were in that sense just about to go through, while some others were thankfully refundable. We still appreciate the various offers to donate fees originally paid for either badge pre-orders or dealers room space rental, and would like to thank you for your generosity in that regard.
With that being said, not all are as lucky as we are. Many artists and merchants have incurred large fees for producing goods they won’t be able to sell at the event, or their business model simply relies heavily on conventions. In order to help them, we encourage you to support the artists and merchants who were going to be part of the event. We are also working on a little project to help in that sense, so stay tuned~
We cannot help but also think of other entities affected by this situation. Specifically, Costume-Con 38 in Montreal was to be held this weekend and, as such, have likely been hit much harder than we have. Please show them all of your love as well, since, unlike a virus, there’s no harm in spreading that around.
And we’ve arrived at the elephant in the room: the decision not to postpone Nadeshicon 2020. While we know a lot of you were heartbroken by this decision, there were many reasons that led us to make this choice. First, but by no means the least, was the sheer amount of work that would have to be redone in a much shorter time. An event such as ours takes several months to plan and put together, and squeezing it proved to be too monumental a task. The second main factor is intimately linked to the first: in order to hold the various activities and even plan them, we require a physical space. With yesterday’s announcement, establishments like the Convention Centre have their work cut out for them, which in no way facilitates the rental of the necessary rooms to hold an event in the middle of the high season at such a short delay. And, even if these stars were to somehow align, we would still run the risk of the current situation extending until then. As such, we chose to turn the page on this year and look to the future instead.
We understand your frustration in regards to the current situation, and know it is a byproduct of your love for our event. We hope you understand the various factors that led us to make the choices we made. Again, thank you for your incredible support, and we hope to see you again some other time. Until then, despite the original post aging like fine milk on a warm counter, don’t forget to protect Raphtalia and sing for 20 seconds while washing you hands!