March 24-26, 2023
Québec City Convention Centre
The cancellation of Nadeshicon 2020 and other similar events has had several repercussions across the community. Amongst them, artists and merchants whose livelihood depends heavily on such events were, without a doubt, hit the hardest. That is why we decided to join forces with Illustration Pinkviviz and built the Nadeshicon 2020 virtual dealers room!
This dealers room has two wings. The first one, which represents our contribution to the cause, is a page on our website listing the artists, merchants and guests who were meant to have a booth in the dealers room at Nadeshicon 2020 along with a link to their respective shop or online store.
The second wing is a Facebook group created by Pinkviviz allowing for a more direct exchange between you and the dealers from various events including ours!
Fair warning: you will fall in love with several items, and we claim no responsibility for it 😉