March 24-26, 2023
Québec City Convention Centre
Isolation doesn’t have to be boring! With Crunchyroll, you get to explore countless worlds and live many experiences you otherwise wouldn’t be able to, all while not leaving the comfort of your home!
As luck would have it, Crunchyroll is currently offering a free 30 days trial period, no contest or code needed!
What’s that? 30 days is not nearly enough? Fear not, we got you covered! We have 8 codes to give out across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, some granting you 30 days of free premium, some others 90 days, and you can use those even if you already have a Crunchyroll subscription! Here’s how you participate: recommend an anime series in the comments on those platforms. Yes, that’s all!
The contest ends on Monday, March 23 at 8pm. Winners will then be drawn randomly amongst participants and notified in the comments. Limit of one entry per person per platform.
Good luck, and enjoy that free trial period!