March 24-26, 2023
Québec City Convention Centre


This is the hour of the great unveiling of our guest of honour at Festival Nadeshicon 2014!

In the spotlight for this fourth edition of Festival Nadeshicon, MOON Kana, directly from Japan, will be landing for the first time in the Canada here in Quebec City!!!

MOON Kana is a unique musician: she composes, mixes and performs her own songs always straight out of her magical and wonderful world. Many people will appreciate her work from the first listen; for others, more perseverance might be required to appreciate her at her fair value.

Its uniqueness is also reflected in her style of clothing very “Gothic Lolita” inspired. She also creates her own clothes and sells her creations worldwide.

We hope that you come and see her at Nadeshicon 2014 from April 4th to 6th!

MOON Kana website

MOON Kana - Canadae